3 Tips On How To Make The Most Of Hot-Desking

The pandemic has significantly changed how we work – office work is no longer the norm, as a study by the Pew Research Center reveals that despite workplaces reopening, 61% of workers are doing remote work by choice instead of necessity. After all, remote work does have significant advantages, such as more control over your time and less expenses allotted for commuting. You can even successfully run your business remotely, too.

For most remote workers, work is done at home; however, for various reasons – it can be the lack of space or the general conduciveness of the environment – not everyone has the luxury of being productive at home. In such cases, hot-desking, or working in a workplace system where desks are used by different people at different times, is a good option. How does one make the most out of hot-desking? Let’s take a look.

Use the Right Tools

Generally speaking, hot desks typically come with basic utilities hot desks typically come with basic utilities that you would need for a day’s work, such as power outlets and a stable WiFi connection. As such, technically, all you have to bring is your own laptop and its charging cable. However, in cases where you have to speak with someone online, it is also ideal to invest in quality tools, such as lightweight or noise cancelling headset lightweight or noise cancelling headsets that will allow you to carry on with your online meeting without being distracted by ambient noise. Bringing the right equipment with you allows you to be even more productive while doing remote work.

Get Organized

Being organized is one of the keys to productivity. Studies show that 87% of workers admitted that a cluttered workspace negatively affects their productivity. This becomes more challenging when hot-desking, as you actually share your desk with others. This means that you won’t have the luxury of storing your files in your workplace. As such, when hot-desking, boost your productivity by bringing only the files that you need. This way, you also minimize the likelihood of having clutter on your desk. Disorganized files on your computer can also affect your productivity, so make sure that your files are in order. Make use of productivity apps so you can streamline your tasks. By being organized, you can make the most out of a workday.

Clean Your Workspace

Studies show that an average office desk is home to around 10 million bacteria, which is highly concerning, especially given that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. When it comes to hot-desking, maintaining a clean desk becomes even more necessary, especially since you do not know who used your workspace earlier. Usually, hot-desk management makes it a point to sanitize workstations throughout the day; however, it will not hurt if you also bring your own cleaning supplies with you. Prior to using a workstation, wipe it down with antibacterial wipes. This way, you actively play a role in keeping yourself safe from any harmful bacteria as you get to work.

Hot-desking proves to be an ideal halfway point between working from home and working in the office. It provides a collaborative working atmosphere while also keeping you away from distractions at home. As long as you use the right tools and keep your workspace clean and organized, being productive in your remote work through hot-desking is highly doable.

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