7 Ideas to Improve Your Office Restroom

7 Ways to Improve Your Office Restroom

Nowadays, thanks to the pandemic, people have become even more conscious of their health and hygiene. At the top of the list is personal hygiene. This is one of the effects that the pandemic has had on everyone. They not only maintain hygiene at home but also expect the same in their workplace. The true center of personal hygiene at the workplace is the office restroom. A clean, well-planned, well-scented restroom is a pleasure to use and may go as far as to retain the employees in any organization. Below we have compiled a list of the 7 best ideas to improve your office restroom.

A Clean Appearance

The first impression of a restroom is very important. The moment someone enters a washroom, if he is greeted with a bad odor, a dustbin filled with garbage, and soiled seats, it is enough to put him off. A restroom that looks neat and clean indicates that the employers are concerned about the health of the employees. It shows that the restroom is being cleaned regularly.  With Commercial Doors, you can maintain the cleanliness of your office restroom by keeping out dirt and dust from other parts of the building. Many restrooms have a cleanliness chart with appropriate dates and times mentioned and it is posted behind the door. Certain things that need to be done during the regular cleaning routine. Many restrooms have a cleanliness chart with appropriate dates and times mentioned and it is posted behind the door. Certain things that need to be done during the regular cleaning routine are:

  • The waste bins must be emptied.
  • Any water on the floor of the restroom must be wiped so that it remains dry.
  • The soap dispensers must be kept clean.
  • Keeping the floor free of any rubbish.
  • Regular mopping of the floor.

Fragrance Matters

Nothing can be more pleasing than a beautiful fragrance. A bad odor not only tends to be disgusting but also indicates that the particular space is overrun with harmful germs. It is associated with bad hygiene. A fresh-smelling restroom, on the other hand, gives the impression of cleanliness and hygiene. Air fresheners, restroom fresheners, urinal deodorizer blocks, and odor absorbers must be regularly used to get rid of the typical odor associated with a dirty restroom. Nowadays, there are automated fragrance sprinklers that sprinkle fragrance at regular intervals through the air conditioners. The fragrance of fresh fruits, flowers, and nature are some of the common ones that give a fresh feel to the restroom.

Restrooms Must Be Well Stocked

Your restroom should never run out of hand soap or toilet rolls. The maintenance staff must be vigilant and immediately refill whatever the restroom is about to run out of. It is very essential to have the necessary accessories in office restrooms for the employees to use and feel comfortable. Some of the things that you need to stock in the restroom are

  • Hand-soap & Sanitizer
  • Toilet roll
  • Air fresheners
  • Disposable towels

Not only are these accessories necessary, but the quality of these accessories is also equally important. Low-quality accessories will only end up having an adverse effect on the health of the employees and health is something that should never be compromised.

Hand Soap & Sanitizer

With the advent of the pandemic, the need for sanitized and clean hands has increased manifold. Hand soap must be provided at the basins for people to wash their hands after they have used the restroom. Rather than keeping a soap bar, it is better to install a liquid soap dispenser. The use of the same soap bar by everybody will increase the spread of germs and bacteria. Along with the soap dispensers, conveniently placed hand sanitizers also help in maintaining the hygiene of the employees. It is better to provide a gel-based sanitizer as it does not have any side effects on the skin. Alcohol-based sanitizers may cause rashes in people who are allergic to them. Some sanitizers come with a wonderful fragrance which is an added advantage.

Provide Automated Hand Drying Machines

Wet hands can be very uncomfortable, and everybody might not be carrying a kerchief. An automated hand drying machine placed in the restroom is a must. Not only will it help to dry the hands, but the warm air from the drier also makes you feel very cozy. Disposable towels are also another hygienic option. Just in case the traditional cloth napkin is being used, make sure it is regularly changed and washed thoroughly. But all in all, an automated hand dryer would be the best option.

Use of Latest Technology and Equipment

With the advent of a lot of new technology and equipment, maintaining the hygiene of restrooms has become very easy and convenient. The new technology focuses more on touch-free equipment so that people don’t need to sanitize their hands after using it. A few of the touch-free equipment are:

  • Automated opening doors
  • Lights that work on motion sensors
  • Taps that can be opened with foot pedals
  • No-touch taps
  • Toilets that flush automatically

Frequent Cleaning

You may use all the tips given above to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the restrooms, but nothing can beat regular cleaning. It is advised to thoroughly clean the restrooms at least twice a day. If the restrooms are being used more frequently, you might need to increase the frequency of cleaning as well. Regular cleaning not only ensures a neat and hygienic look but also gets rid of germs and bacteria. This automatically decreases the risk of illness and increases the productivity of the employees. It gives the employees the impression that management genuinely cares for their well-being.

Quite often, restrooms are the last priority of organizations as far as expenditure is concerned. In fact, it should be at the top of the list. If your office bathroom is in a very bad condition, consider doing a complete refresh with the help of https://onepointpartitions.com/. A restroom that is clean and well-maintained adds a lot to the office environment. The use of a restroom is a necessity that must be taken care of. If good employees are to be retained by the company, clean and hygienic restrooms are a must. A restroom tells you as much about a company as its front office. Apart from maintaining hygiene, it also needs to be upgraded at regular intervals.

You can get inspiration from the ideas mentioned above. Take care of your office restroom, and in doing so you will automatically take care of your employees.

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