Why A Good Office Space Is Crucial To Remote Working

Why A Good Office Space Is Crucial To Remote Working

When the pandemic hit, the traditional office environment suddenly became irrelevant. To cope, businesses have adapted remote working. 

Now, you can picture employees with their ‘bed hair’ and still in their pajamas, slouching on a sofa while typing away on their laptop that’s on their lap. If hungry, they can simply take their laptop with them to the kitchen, as they pour their second cup of coffee and munch on a sandwich. 

Well, that’s almost all of us in today’s remote working force. And while working from home—your living room, bedroom, patio, kitchen, and all of the comfy spaces you can think of—may sound ideal at first, it can also be frustrating in the long run. 

This is where having dedicated and good office space foe remote workers to go to work at least occasionally comes in. We’re sharing some sound reasons as to why you need to start thinking of having or renting out a well-designed, private space that you can use exclusively for work. 

Get Rid of Distractions

There’s a reason why there are traditional office spaces for employees. Their infrastructure was specially designed to help you focus on work. 

Likewise, when you have a dedicated remote workspace that imitates traditional office space, you’re virtually removed from the personal part of your life. It gives you the feeling as if you’re sitting at your desk back at your office. 

Having an office room setup that contains only work-related materials can bring you a sense of legitimacy to your working environment. It helps remove the temptation of doing anything else that’s not work-related. 

Being in an environment that looks and feels like your office makes you automatically think and focus on work. Removing yourself from the usual activity of your home life can help you become far less distracted and experience an increased concentration than before. 

This way, you’re no longer thinking of stretching your back by lying on your bed or a quick look at the fridge for a sudden snack craving. You’re sitting at your home workstation, and you’re only focused on that. 

Also, it doesn’t just eliminate distractions for you but also your co-workers. For instance, if you’re having a video conference or participating in various virtual events for teams, you don’t have to worry about your pet, family members, and other elements in the background that may distract them. Plus, it helps in creating a professional environment.

Promotes Discipline and Productivity

A well-designed and dedicated home workstation can also encourage you to be more disciplined with your time. Since you’re less distracted, you’re also more likely to be disciplined and get your work done accordingly. 

There’ll always be something that can take your attention—your family members or that large TV screen in front of you. If you have a specific space that you can only use for work, then the only thing you can do there is to work. 

You’ll be able to set boundaries for yourself and become more mindful of your work. As a result, you also become more productive. 

In addition, having a single workplace space instead of moving from your bedroom to the living room to other places in your home can ensure a consistent routine to your work and keep all work-related materials in one place. 

This ensures that you have easy access to all work-related resources in a single place whenever you need them. You become more organized and more efficient, significantly boosting your performance and productivity.

Protect Your Posture and Health

Sitting on your couch is comfortable. Lounging on your patio and breathing fresh air can be relaxing. But doing your work in these areas may not be all comfortable and relaxing. In the long term, this kind of routine can impact your health. 

Working from the couch or that reclining chair on your patio, posture is something you forget. And sitting for an extended period with a slouching back or your neck crooned over a laptop can wreak havoc on your body that you’ll soon notice. 

Neck and back pains, cramping, and headaches are just some of the mild symptoms. If not prevented earlier, you’ll experience mobility issues down the line. This is why a good office setup is important. With an ergonomic chair and a proper desk, you can practice proper working posture, keeping your body supported, and protecting yourself against strain and injury. 

Maintain Work-Life Balance

After working hours should be a time to slow down, relax or spend time with your family. You don’t want to bring the stress and pressure of work into your personal life. 

If you’re working from your living room or bedroom, it’s easier to overwork yourself which results in burnout. This is because there’s no clear line between your personal and work life. With a distinct space for work, it’s easier to turn your sign in and out of your work. Since you’re away from work-related things, you enjoy your personal life. And when you return to your office space, you can only think about working. 

In particular, if you decided to try out a dedicated commercial office space for remote workers, you can draw a more solid line from your work duties. It’s like you’re still traveling to work and going home, which helps maintain a good balance. 

Sense of Community and Networking Opportunities

These benefits are specific to the remote workers who opt for co-working office spaces. Some companies offer private spaces for numerous remote workers who don’t want to work at home or don’t have enough space for a remote office. 

Working by yourself can get lonely. With these commercial co-working spaces, you surround yourself with like-minded individuals and working professionals. You can develop a sense of belongingness and you can socialize and create networking relationships during your free time. 

Take Away

The ‘new normal’ has blurred that important line of separation between work and personal. Now that most of us are now working from home, having a good office space is more important than ever. It helps ensure good health, productivity, and maintaining that distinct work-life balance.

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