The Agile Workplace: The Secret to Keeping Employees Happy

I found this great infographic (below) on which pretty much makes the case for Companies to move their office space and workplace strategy towards an Agile Workplace.

What struck me the most was the Cornell University study that found small businesses that provided employees a choice in how they work, grew 4 times faster and had 1/3 less turnover  than those that did not. I think you will agree, that is very significant

The Cornell Report summary:
“In this study, we found evidence that groups of HR practices that represent different strategies for managing employees were significantly related to the financial performance of small companies. In particular, we found that an employee selection strategy based on person-organization fit, employee management strategy based on self-management, and employee motivation and retention strategy based on creating a family-like environment were all significantly related to firm performance in terms of revenue and profit growth. In addition, we found that the relationships between these HR strategies and firm performance were stronger in firms that face greater competition, are pursuing growth strategies, and are larger in size.”

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