Benefits of Virtual Tours for Commercial Real Estate Listings

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Technology has allowed the automation of many businesses. In fact, it simplifies many aspects of business by reducing operational cost, streamlining duties, and contributing to your business bottom line. Business is an investment and technology has allowed many professionals to meet their ROI.

For commercial real estate, technology has proven to be invaluable. For buyers and sellers, technology has allowed commercial realtors to:

  • remain competitive/productive
  • generate leads
  • reach a target audience
  • communicate quickly
  • become more accessible

One of the key advantages of technology for realtors is the ability to take potential clients on virtual tours of their properties and due to ready availability of real estate photo editor you can professionally edit photos. This will help to create bright photos and impress your clients. Keep reading more details below as OfficeFinder points out the advantages of a modern day virtual tour for commercial property.

What Is A Virtual Tour?

According to Techopedia, virtual tours are the stimulation of an existing property (i.e. virtual reality). Commercial real estate professionals already have the opportunity to use still images or videos to feature their property. Virtual tours are a more realistic representation of commercial property. To take full advantage of a virtual tour, professionals can use multimedia that includes music, floor plan design photos/videos, sound effects, etc. There are a number of virtual tours that include:

  • 360 degree tour
  • panoramic tour
  • still view tour
  • video tour
  • floor plan tour
  • 3D tour

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Tours For Commercial Real Estate?


Have you ever had to schedule a presentation under an already hectic schedule? A virtual tour is an opportunity to schedule a tour of your property from anywhere in the world at any time. Potential buyers and tenants can also view your property day and night at their convenience. Decrease the probability of losing a lead because of a tight schedule by recommending a virtual tour. In a competitive industry, buyers and prospective tenants should be able to view your property at their leisure.

From an internet perspective and the pages of a real estate practitioner’s book, more and more commercial brokers are turning to online property tours to showcase their listings or peruse available properties for clients.

Highlight Your Best Property Features

The curb appeal of a 360 degree panoramic view of your commercial property can be the difference in your next sell. By highlighting your best features, you can appeal to your client’s desire for a specific commercial property or feature. Remember, there will always be certain features that will interest a buyer or tenant. A 360 degree view is not going to be like showing a property in person, but the buyer or tenant can zoom in on specific areas of interest with the click of a button. Using “A” and “Z” on the keyboard respectively, allows them to zoom in on any image during the virtual tour. Other property features may include:

  • location
  • proximity to other businesses
  • portion of commercial real estate
  • security features
  • landscape

Save More Money!

An actual tour of your property will cost you time and money. For example, if a client decides not to go with your property, you’ve invested time that could have been spent on other important business tasks and lost money on transportation. A virtual tour is a cost effective way to show off your property and cut your costs. The money that you save on an actual tour can be used towards other elements of business including advertising.

Narrow Down The Odds!

Once a buyer or tenant has taken a virtual tour of your property and formed a good first impression, they’re more than likely interested. One of the key advantages of technology for realtors is the ability to take potential clients on a virtual tour of their property. Virtual tours can help you narrow down potential leads. In fact, after a virtual tour, you can put on your best in person presentation to encourage the sell. After a virtual tour, you can offer an extraordinary real-life presentation and start to make negotiations. A survey by the National Association of Realtors reported, “44% of all clients search for property on the internet first.”

Get More Clients!

Virtual tours are an opportunity to immerse buyers or tenants in an experience. An online guided tour is a rather simple take on an actual tour and can enhance the client’s perspective of your commercial property. With over 81% of American smartphone users, it’s imperative to optimize your virtual tour for cellphone compatibility. There are currently 3.7 billion active cellphone users around the world, which expands your audience to a global scale.

Grow Your Commercial Real Estate

By virtually staging your property, you can build your clientele. For example, imagine showing an empty piece of property versus a virtual tour of commercial property that includes actual furnishing or appeal. The latter has the potential to grow your name. Find out the most popular features in today’s commercial real estate market and use those features to draw in prospective clients.

Adopt A Signature Style

Virtual tours can create an experience that gives your commercial property a signature look. Use furniture, real life movement, or sound effects to familiarize your audience with your property. Once you find a style that appeals to your audience, you can use that as a unique trademark for your virtual tours. Paint a clear picture of your property along with its features and benefits to build trust with your clients while branding your name. Transparency will be one of your greatest assets when you’re showing commercial property on a virtual tour .

Bottom line: A virtual tour cannot replace an actual guided presentation of your property, but it can provide more visual dimension and range than a still photograph and can be used as a follow up to an in-person showng.

Take A Virtual Tour With Us!

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