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Millennials in the Workplace: How the New Majority of Workers Will Change Your Culture

Millennials in the workplace

Millennials in the Workplace means your office culture is about to change – dramatically. Today’s companies must prepare their office cultures for this influx of young workers. But how?

At one time, the baby boomer generation (born 1940s to 1960s) dominated the workplace, creating a culture of workers who stayed at the same company for decades. They worked hard, asked for little and sacrificed a lot to climb the ladder.

That was then. But this is now: The millennials or generation Y (born 1980s to 2000s) now represent a majority of the American workforce.

What Millennials in the Workplace Want

A new Gallup report reveals that most workers, many of whom are millennials, want their work to have meaning and purpose. This is especially true for gen Y. Despite their student loan debt, millennials are motivated by meaning as much as they are by money.

This means that to attract and retain millennials, it will become increasingly important for companies to show they care through community involvement and sponsorship of charitable causes.

Be a Company That Cares

Involve employees in charitable causes and ask them to volunteer for outreach programs. Partner with a cause that reflects your corporate values and let employees make charitable contributions through payroll deductions.

You can also find local opportunities for community service such as soup kitchens. Consider offering Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to employees who volunteer during work hours. Even if you only allow several hours a month, millennials will respond enthusiastically, engendering loyalty.

As you hire more millennials, you will find that their fresh perspective elevates the conversation inside your office culture, causing older workers and managers to rethink their own sense of meaning.

If you would like to find office space that can prepare your company for the new wave of Millennials in the Workplace, or if you have thoughts to share, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Rethinking Preconceived Notions About Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the workplace

The Reality of Generational Issues in the Workplace

The issues associated with Millennials in the workplace can no longer be ignored. It’s true that Millennials now dominate the workforce. However, in an era where Baby Boomers are very reluctant to retire and where the neglected members of Generation X are still well within their prime years of employment, generational conflict is something that all employers have to consider. Employers will be more effective at resolving these issues if they are able to confront existing stereotypes about Millennials in particular.

Millennials in the Workplace and Career Advancement

It’s widely believed that Millennials are largely uninterested in putting in the time and effort that it takes to excel in a career. Some people attribute this to the idea that Millennials prioritize their family members over their jobs, in spite of the fact that Millennials are less likely to get married and have children than members of previous generations. Other people attribute this to generational differences in work ethic. Some people believe that Millennials have overly high expectations for their workplace environments.

In reality, Millennials have often been unable to start career paths of any kind. The entry-level job of old has been replaced by the unpaid internship. Millennials crushed under student loan debt have been forced to work for free. Unpaid internships have frequently not led to real jobs, and they have sometimes made Millennials less employable down the line. The Great Recession is over, but it was largely older workers that benefited from the subsequent improvements to the economy. The research has also failed to produce evidence that Millennials are different from anyone else in terms of work ethic.

Meeting the Expectations of Millennial Employees

If anything, the employers who are able to provide Millennials with benefits and consistent and adequate salaries will usually get workers who are extremely motivated. Millennials do not take any of this for granted, since they typically started their working lives without benefits of any kind or even modest salaries. Employers often don’t have to go out of their way to accommodate Millennial employees. They just have to make sure that Millennials get what previous generations took for granted.

In addition to coping with record-breaking levels of student loan debt, Millennials are dealing with higher living costs than previous generations. A salary that might have stretched far when the Baby Boomers or Generation X members were in their twenties and thirties might be insufficient in a world where even the cost of food is higher. Underemployment is a crisis for the Millennial generation, and employers who go against this trend will get eager Millennial candidates right away.

Generational Conflict and Sensitivity

Millennials are very aware of how they are perceived by some members of the Baby Boom and Generation X cohorts. Some employees from these cohorts are happy to share these views publicly in workplaces. Employers need to recognize that this is a source of workplace conflict. In some workplaces, sensitivity training regarding ageism might be necessary. Getting an office environment set up for Millennial workers in a world where they are the majority partly means understanding the realities of this generation’s struggles. It also means finding ways to avoiding escalating the generational conflicts that have been going on for years.

If you are looking for an office to accommodate all generations including Millennials in the Workplace, Contact us. We can Help!

How Did The Concept Of Coworking Office Space Begin?

COWORKING WORKFLOWIf you have heard of coworking space, you might be somewhat skeptical about them. Where did it begin and how did it become so popular? We’ll explain the surprising success of this concept and why you should try it out for your startup company.

Coworking Concept Briefly Explained

Anyone who has never heard of coworking space should first understand this simple concept. It is basically the idea of bringing together workers from other industries and companies and allowing them to share a working space and hopefully create synergy between companies and or people. For example, two companies in the same industry may end up sitting in the same working area and sharing the same tools.

Why Has This Coworking Idea Blossomed?

The implementation of coworking spaces began almost by accident during the Global Financial Crisis that started in 2008. Thousands of people were suddenly without jobs and were forced to find non-traditional or freelance work. In many instances, companies had to band together to share working areas. The result was that the success of these businesses grew significantly.

What Causes This Success?

Success with coworking spaces is generated by creative minds getting together and sharing information. The whole atmosphere focuses on supporting a caring environment, one that propels people to hire levels of creativity. As a result, a large number of companies are turning to this type of working environment.

So if you are a business looking for the kind of high-quality coworking space that you deserve, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can provide you with an interesting and diverse workplace at a fair and reasonable price.

Not a Big Fan of the Open Office Space Design? Collaboration is Still Possible!

open office space designThere is a clear move toward the open office space design. Facebook has done it; so have other heavy hitters in the high-tech environment. Although the idea of collaboration has been the driving force behind this movement, some business owners have a difficult time giving up privacy to achieve teamwork. Now, they can have their cake and eat it, too.

When Needs for Community and Privacy Collide

There is no doubt that an open office environment encourages collaboration not just between pre-defined work groups but also between different teams. But for the employee who does her or his best work in the confines of an office without the loud din of the communal work space, this environment can be a detriment. This problem becomes particularly evident when you have employees of various age groups on staff. Millennials inevitably do better with the open office concept than Baby Boomers.

Enabling Impromptu Community Work in the Privacy of an Office

Is it possible to find a happy medium between a worker’s need for privacy and the contemporary trend toward a collaborative environment? Yes, it is.

  • Doors. Keep the office concept intact but ensure that doors remain open. In fact, some companies have begun removing doors altogether.
  • Snack lounge. An unused office becomes a snack parlor with beanbag chairs, sofas, a water cooler and plenty of healthy snacks. Not the employee lunchroom, it is a place where folks can come for impromptu meetings.
  • Goal setting. The weekly or monthly team meeting is not an optional exercise. Use it to define the goals that your workers should strive to meet. How they do so is up to them.

When you need to find your next office space that allows for the mixed collaborative and private work space design, contact our experts to help you find just what you are looking for.

Coworking Office Space is Where Happy Meets Hard Working

coworking office spaceDo you remember the last time you were in a coffee shop? Maybe you only walked by but you could see the patrons, content and happy. Remember the that great aroma, that relaxed atmosphere?

When was the last time you looked forward to going to work? No, I mean the last time you were honestly driving to the office with a smile on your face because you were going to work.

Best of Both Worlds

Welcome to the beauty of Coworking. What is Coworking? Imagine the feel and comfort of that coffee shop, then imagine that coffee shop being your office. Now you are getting close.

Have you ever worked around or with people you like, respect and that make you better? These are the teams, staffs and co-workers we remember, miss and desire to work with. One reason Coworking works is just that, it creates a space where like minds, kindred spirits and creative people all come together.

Now take that coffee shop, fill it with those people who inspire and respect you and then you have the answer to what Coworking is – and why it works. It’s no secret that a happy worker produces better work, that better results and production are the result of a healthy and happy working environment.

Will Coworking Office Space Work for You?

Who is Coworking for? Well if you work remotely or as a freelancer and are looking for a working space, some structure to your day and an office that will promote, empower and make you feel at ease – it is for you. What is Coworking?

Coworking is the best an office can offer and the best people you can work with, and it is the reason you will wake up excited to go to work! Contact us to learn more about the best thing to happen for offices since the copying machine and how we can help.

Take a virtual tour of Coworking office space in Seattle.

Visit the Level Office in the Historic Pioneer Building.

Pioneer Building Office Space Virtual Tour

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

We have over 30 virtual tours of coworking office space and  executive suites in the Seattle / Bellevue areas available for viewing, as well as other listings, market information and general information on our Local Seattle office space page.

If you need help finding office space, please contact us. Our services and the services of our local reps is free to you.


Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Coworking Office Space

coworking office spaceOffice space is changing. While many companies still lease a traditional office with cubicles and a corner office for the boss, more and more businesses are choosing coworking office space instead. What is coworking office space? Most simply put, it is an office environment shared by several companies.  Here are four reasons why you should consider it for your business.

Employees Can Work When They Want

Many younger office professionals would like to work hours other than the traditional nine to five.  A coworking office space environment facilitates a flexible workplace. Workers can set their own schedules and choose times when they feel most productive.

Networking Becomes Easier

Dozens of businesses usually work in the same coworking office space, creating all sorts of networking opportunities. Good coworking companies actually facilitate networking through promoting their “Member” to other businesses within their properties. Many have weekly networking parties to facilitate a relaxed networking opportunity. Many company owners in these environments report finding an accountant, a lawyer, a web designer and other professionals just a few feet away. The opposite works, too, since coworking spaces are full of potential clients.

Coworking Spaces are Fully Furnished

Leasing a traditional office space means installing phone lines, assembling furniture, dragging equipment in and more. All that hassle is a thing of the past with a coworking office space because it comes fully furnished and completely equipped with conference rooms, chairs, desks, internet access, printers, etc. Everything needed to run a professional office is already there. All you need to bring is your computer.

Coworking Office Space Saves Money

Renting a traditional office space is expensive and means committing to a long-term lease.  In a coworking office environment, businesses effectively share costs, and leases have shorter terms. Many coworking spaces also include free perks, like coffee, tea and snacks. Some even offer free beer!

The American workforce is changing, and office space is changing with it. If you are ready to save money, enhance productivity and increase networking opportunities, then it is time to consider a coworking office environment. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Want to take a look around a Coworking office space. Here is a 360° HD Virtual Tour of the WeWork office space in Seattle’s hot South Lake Union Area aka Amazonia.

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

See More OfficeFinder Virtual Tours in Seattle

Virtual Tour Benefits for Office Space Providers

360 office space virtual tourWe have a lot of blog posts about the benefits of virtual tours for office tenants who are looking to find office space. The type of virtual tour we are talking about are not videos, but totally interactive 360° x 180° high definition panoramic photography. The stuff that makes you feel like you are really there; that gets a WOW out of you when you see it.

Here is what tenants looking for office space like about virtual tours:

  1. Virtual tours save a considerable amount of time since you, tenants, can short list the most viable alternatives without having to visit the ones that clearly won’t work.
  2. You can look at them whenever and however often you want.
  3. If you are out of town looking for space, virtual tours will give you a better idea of what is available in the market without multiple trips and expense.
  4. You can share the virtual tour with others to get their opinions without making them visit the space in person.
  5. They are desktop computer, tablet of mobile device compatible.
  6. They are fun, especially if you have VR headgear.

But what about providers of office space such as executive suites, coworking spaces or even conventional office space?

Why should providers of office space want to have a virtual tour?

First of all tenants like them for the reasons given above. You’d think that would be enough, especially since they are relatively inexpensive, but there is more.

Your website will be enhanced. Virtual tours are easy to add and won’t slow down your website. With a custom virtual tour the images are pixilized. Each scene is divided up into multiple smaller images that appear as needed so that they will load quickly. As alternative, you can also embed a Google virtual tour. Those images are stored on Google and load quickly too. I will show you the comparison of the two at the bottom of this post.

A virtual tour that is published on Google Maps, powered by their Street View technology, will help your search engine positioning and expose your property to more prospective tenants. You will have more eyes on your property and more visitors to your website. After all. Google is the number one Business-to-Business search engine by far.

How much do they cost?

The base cost is $550.00 which includes up to 10 “scenes.” That is plenty to provide prospective tenants the “flavor” of your space.

It includes all photography and both the Google version and a custom versions similar to the one below. The price may vary by market subject to photographer availability. We only use “Google Trusted Photographers” to ensure the high quality work that has allowed them to earn the designation.

As “Google Trusted Photographers” ourselves we have hundreds of approved panoramas posted on Google Maps.

Google Trusted Photographer

Here is what Google has to say about it:

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
  • On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.
  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest

Even more reasons:

Your Google business listing is your company’s most visible asset. Improve your presence with a Google Street View virtual tour.

When a prospective tenant searches for you, they will find you on Google Maps. Make sure that their first encounter is a great one with a WOW factor.

Real Examples of the Same Virtual Tour

The Virtual tours below are the same tour with the same 360° x 180° panoramas, but the first is from Google Maps and embedded here, while the second is on the OfficeFinder website. Both are better viewed in full screen.

Google Maps Version

Click the icon in the upper right to view full screen

Custom OfficeFinder Version

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

Want to learn more about getting a virtual tour for your property?

Call us at 425-391-8900 or Visit OfficeFinder Virtual Tours





3 Tips To Maintain Your Company Culture in a Coworking Office Space

coworking office spaceOne of the best parts of coworking office space for small businesses is the ability to interact with, and get inspired by, other entrepreneurs working with them side by side. Seeing other businesses work hard is motivating and energizing.

However, being in a coworking office space also makes it harder to create and maintain a unique company culture. Coworking spaces have the same space and group activities for everyone, causing a more homogeneous environment.

3 Tips to make your business identity unique

  • Decorate your office. If your team rents designated desks or your own enclosed space, decorate your area like you would in any company office space. Put a sign with the company logo at both ends of your designated space, and print our company cultural pieces. Create bumper stickers and encourage your employees to put them on their desks. Don’t have a specific space? You can still make office swag, like company t-shirts, pens, and laptop stickers, and create a culture where team members use and wear them regularly.
  • Develop a cultural language that only your staff uses. Companies all over the world create an inclusive company culture through specific slogans, movements, and chants. Develop a motto that your employees can chat, sing, or dance together at least once a week to start the day. Use the motto regularly in conversations and emails with your employees. Politely ask other members of the coworking space not to join in.
  • Occasionally leave the coworking space. Periodically, your staff should meet together in a separate space than the coworking area. This can be as simple as lunch meetings once a week, or involve occasionally renting off-site space for a training specific to your company. Use these times to bond as a group and reinforce your specific vision and motto.

If you’re looking for the perfect coworking office space, contact us. We have extensive experience finding the office space for clients like you, and a high-volume referral network.

Want to take a tour of a Coworking Office Space that rocks? Here is the WeWork space in the Westlake Tower in Seattle. It is in the heart of Seattle taking up 2 floors in the high rise with one more coming on line soon.

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

See More OfficeFinder Virtual Tours in Seattle








Does Remote Working Satisfy Employees or Alienate Them?

Remote workingThere has been a lot of debate over the years related to remote working by employees. Much of it has been centered around productivity form the business’ point of view. A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates on remote working comes at it from the employee point of view. It shows some interesting concerns. While remote working does offer increased flexibility to employees, less commute time and more control, the survey found that 45% of U.S. workers  and 55% of Millennials would rather work in an office than remotely. The survey found that there are 3 main factors employees are looking for:

  1. Face Time with Colleagues – A quarter of respondents report negative feelings while working from home, including feeling less a part of their team. It is more difficult to collaborate or develop relationships with fellow workers without a central office.
  2. Privacy – 70% of U.S. Adults – and a whopping three-quarters of Millennials – would feel more comfortable working in an open floor plan if there were private spaces available to them. This is one of the fundamental design factors in today’s coworking office design.
  3. Convenience – Most U.S. workers – and nearly two-thirds of Millennials (62%) – would prefer to work in an office that was in or near a shopping center over one that wasn’t. Which is one of the drivers of the return to the downtown markets from the suburbs especially for companies that have a high percentage of millennial workers. In other words, the tech giants.

This does not necessarily mean that businesses should end remote working, but it does evidence the need to have more flexibility. It does not need to be an all or nothing decision. Essentially employees like a base station to be able to use on an as needed bases. Done right this will enable those who are more comfortable working in an office to do so, but still allow the flexibility to work wherever they feel they can be most productive. It sounds like an agile workplace because it is. It also sounds like a Coworking office space and is that too.

If you would like some help in finding office space, that is what we do with our network of local brokers throughout the US, Canada and many other countries. Contact us today to find out how we can help; typically at no cost to you.







Report: Flexible Office Space Becoming A Necessity For Businesses of All Sizes

According to a recently published reportFlexible Office Space Report from Cushman & Wakefield, along with Unwork, rapidly evolving technology and a changing workforce, flexible office space is becoming an essential component of commercial real estate strategies for both large and small companies. Companies looking for office space aren’t seeking a long-term lease these days. They want workplace options that they can — with little time or money invested — make fit the size of their company now, grow within, and that won’t burden them someday with unused space. In other words, flexible office space

While the old adage about “location, location, location” remains true, everything else about what an office building should provide has changed and is continuing to change. The world has reached a point where one of the hottest commodities of real estate is workplace as a service offerings. Consider these facts from a 2016 report from JLL:

  • It is predicted that one million corporate members will be using coworking spaces by 2018.
  • 61% of coworking space providers are planning to expand their operations.
  • A poll of corporate members reveals that 74 percent stated that the ability of employees to think, talk, and brainstorm together creates the most value for the company’s organization.

Accelerator and incubator spaces that are available for start-ups to use immediately are becoming popular attractions in the new office building concepts. Coworking spaces that encourage interaction from different employees, to encourage new ideas and to bolster movement. Modular workspaces that can be changed up or retrofitted to suit new occupants or new styles in a fast-paced and ever changing market. Beyond location and flexibility? The Cushman & Wakefield/ Unwork report says that the next most important provision of a new office building should be amenities. Free or heavily subsidized food, the ability to take classes on-site, great devices. Anything that makes that building and the benefits of working there stand tall against the competition.

Are you looking for flexible space in a great location? We can help! Contact us for more information.

Take A Tour of Flexible Office Space in the Safeco Plaza in Seattle:

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