Cleaning The Most Neglected Spots In Your Office

The Cleaning Coalition of America has recently conducted a survey on how office workers feel about the cleanliness levels of their place of work. The report found that 66 percent of responders wish that the office where they work had higher levels of cleanliness, while 38.3 percent said that improper levels of cleanliness are causing them to consider changing jobs. While most, if not all, office based organizations have some form of cleanliness rota or contract that must be followed, it is only natural that specific areas of the office are missed during the cleaning process. But considering the current times that the world is living in, the cleanliness of areas shared by a large variety of people on a daily basis is becoming increasingly important. It is, therefore, increasingly important for office based organizations to up their game when it comes to their cleaning regimes. Learn all about the most neglected spots in your office and how to clean them.

Frequently Touched Areas By All Employees

Sometimes the objects and places that are touched the most can be the most neglected when it comes to cleaning. Just think about a typical workday, arriving at the office and touching door handles, answering communal telephone calls and switching on various light switches. Yet, how often are these small areas cleaned? Not enough. Studies have shown that door handles have 30 times the amount of bacteria living on them compared to toilet seats. Moreover, office telephones have around 25,000 germs per square inch of surface. The figures are staggering. It is very common for people to simply neglect cleaning these hot spots, as it can be easier to focus on cleaning individual work areas. Consider disinfecting these areas several times a day with an antibacterial wipe, or spritz a microfiber cloth with some rubbing alcohol and wipe these spots before touching or using them.

Office Kitchen Appliances

Speaking of communal office locations, the regularly used office kitchen appliances can sometimes be the most commonly forgotten items when it comes to cleaning. How often can anyone say they have cleaned the office kettle, toaster, coffee machine, or microwave? It can be quite common to forget to clean these standard appliances at home, never mind at work. In fact, a study found that the microwave door handle is one of the dirtiest areas in a workplace. Using an unclean microwave can result in E. Coli and salmonella, which can cause sickness and lack of productivity.

When people think about office equipment cleaning, they can sometimes get fixated on computers, printers or copiers, but kitchen appliances are used just as much during a standard day of work and do not get nearly as much focus as they should when it comes to cleaning. Hiring a professional office equipment cleaning service will ensure that all areas of the office are thoroughly cleaned and will give workers the peace of mind that they are coming to work in a clean and safe environment. This, in turn, will even boost office morale and productivity.

Ceiling Fans And Lights

Probably the most common areas that people forget to clean within their workplace are the areas that are not looked at too often. And what can be more out of sight than a ceiling fan or ceiling light? A considerable amount of dust and grime can build up on a ceiling fan, especially during the colder months when they are not in regular use. This can cause allergy attacks, trigger asthma, and cause eye and skin irritation. So, even though they are not on anyone’s usual eye-line and may not be regularly used, don’t forget to clean office fans and lights by giving them a good dusting at least once a month.

Under Chairs And Desks

The last area that can be neglected when it comes to cleaning within an office is under chairs and desks. Think dirt from shoes, chewing gum, and food crumbs as well as office rubbish such as scrap paper can end up in these spots. In fact, SMC conducted an office place hygiene report, and they found that only 11% of workers will clean their desks after eating there. So, do not forget to use a vacuum and some wipes under desks and chairs, both on the floor and on the underside, respectively. This will help keep your working area in perfect shape.

As you can see, there is an extensive list of areas in any workplace that can become easily neglected during the cleaning process. Keeping these areas clean and disinfected can prevent a host of diseases and illnesses, and keep office workers healthy and productive.

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