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5 Considerations Before A Commercial Office Move

As your business progresses and develops, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when your present workplace wouldn’t be enough to provide the space needed by all of your employees and the technological equipment that your business requires. When this happens, you’ll find yourself facing a complicated but necessary decision to accept the fact that the organization needs to adjust and plan for a commercial office move.

Being the owner of a business, transferring to a new commercial office is a tough decision, not just because it’s a tedious task but due to the factors needed to be considered before carrying it through.

However, the need to move to a bigger office is a sign that the business is growing and is thriving to success. There are other reasons why companies move their offices, such as business growth, company relocation, reduce costs, the need for adequate space, or future plans to expand the business.  

Before moving your commercial office to a new location, there are various factors that companies should consider. These include the following: 

  • The Cost Of Moving  

Cost is among the key factors you must consider before a commercial office move. You’ll need to have a clear perspective of the various costs that a business office transfer entail.  

The first aspect you need to assess in the new space is the office lease rates or the total amount to purchase it, to determine whether your company can afford them without depleting your company’s budget. In most cases, the rates vary depending on whether the new office would be leased or owned by a commercial entity.  

Another budgeting aspect you need to consider is the cost of hiring trucks or movers to help you move your furnishing to the new location. Researching available options within your area will enable you to find moving comanies that can save you a reasonable amount of money. (If in the San Diego area, check out our friends at affordable moving companies in San Diego.)

Furthermore, add to the list of budget concerns, the possible income loss you might incur while you’re still in the moving process. Operations might need to take a halt for a certain span of time.

It’s important to be certain of all of the possible costs for your office relocation early on. This way, you can establish if it’s reasonable and feasible based on your budget. 

  • Location Of The New Office 

Location is the other factor you need to consider before moving your commercial office. If you own a company and wish to change office site, there are several things you need to consider about the new location. One of the things you should pay attention to is the new site’s proximity to your customers and employees.  

Consider how current customers and employees will access the commercial office after the move. Checking the location of existing customers before you pick a new location for your office would help you determine how accessible your new office site would be to them.

Another critical thing to consider about a new office location is visibility. Consider how easy it will be for current and potential customers to locate your business. Ideally, your new office location should be accessible and highly visible on online maps to ensure anyone who wishes to reach you can do it hassle-free.  

  • Taxes And Other Fees 

The other important issue to consider before a commercial office move is taxes. If you’re relocating to an office in a new state or country, take time to check the tax requirement in the new location. Taxes can impact the profitability of your business significantly depending on your current business location and the new site where you wish to relocate. 

Some companies become eligible for tax credits when they open commercial offices in different locations. Weigh your options to see the impact that these taxes will have on your business before considering the new location.  

  • Opportunities For Business Growth 

Before moving your commercial office to a new location, consider how the relocation will affect the growth of your business in the short and long term. For instance, if the reason for moving the commercial office is expansion, it’s advisable to allot an allowance of space for future addition of employees.   

Before making the commercial move, assess the new location to see whether sufficient labor to support your business growth exists. An effective way to do this is to determine the kind of talent your business will require in the future and conduct a study to establish whether such talent is readily available in the new location.  

Business growth isn’t just about human capital. Assess other resources your business will require as it grows, including space, transport, and logistics infrastructure.  

  • Impact On Stakeholders And Employees  

Prior to moving to your new office space, consider the repercussions that the move will have on your staff and stakeholders. Employees generally prefer to work in offices that will be easy to access to and from work.

Accessibility of a new location and availability of parking spaces are two critical issues that may affect your staff and other stakeholders. Most people consider commercial office locations ideal if they’re not more than half an hour’s drive away.  

Consider the distance from transport hubs like highways and airports to facilitate customer access. If the new location doesn’t have sufficient parking space, employees can be discouraged from moving with you due to the challenges they might experience finding an ideal parking spot and the time wasted because of travel if it’s too far away.  

The problem could also affect customers and suppliers as well, because of these issues make it a priority to consider these two factors before selecting your new office space.

Final Thoughts  

Just like a growing family demands a bigger home, an expanding business also demands a bigger business space. The concept of a new office may be exciting at first, but if you start considering all the factors listed above, stress, anxiety, and overwhelming confusion may start to creep in. However, by systematically taking into consideration everything that was discussed in this article, your commercial office move will surely run smoothly.

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