Digital Billboards: A Game Changer For Real Estate Marketing

Have you heard of a man named Jared Bell? If you don’t, it’s fine. He may not be as popular as other personalities from the past, but he made a significant contribution to the marketing field—billboards.

Jared Bell was the one who pioneered and put up the first traditional billboard in the 1830s. He used it to promote circuses like Ringling Brothers. However, it was the Ford Company that made it mainstream.

Much has changed since the first billboard was developed. Thanks to technology, billboard marketing is no longer just a giant piece of tarpaulin in the middle of nowhere. It’s all digital like your flat-screen TV—but way bigger. 

Can digital billboards help the real estate industry boom? Despite the advancements in real estate marketing (e.g., online listings and 3D virtual tours), digital billboards remain an effective technique to reach new customers.

Do you want to add digital billboards to your arsenal? Use light emitting diode (LED) technology, such as the digital billboards from Ultravision LED Solutions. It offers crystal-clear resolution and is energy-efficient, helping you save a lot in the long run. 

Are you wondering how digital billboards can help your real estate business? Read on to learn more.

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Billboard Advertising?

Here’s a range of benefits digital advertising offers to the real estate industry:

  • Digital Billboards Can Be Updated In Real Time

People spend hours staring at ads specifically tailored to their needs and preferences. Thanks to technology, ads know what people need and want, which enables them to create and share personalized content.

Digital billboards may not have the ability to reach this degree of personalization, but they can still help you convey a timely message. Digital billboards allow you to update your real estate ads anytime you want. For example, you can use digital billboards for advertising real estate listings. If one of the properties gets sold, you can immediately update your ads by marking one of the listings as ‘sold’ or removing it from your ads.

You can also use digital billboards to promote timely news in the real estate industry—news relevant to consumers such as mortgage rates, discounts, and more.

  • Digital Billboards Can Display Different Ads 

Traditional billboards can only promote one ad at a time. It’ll take hours or days to change the old ad to a new one. Thankfully, this isn’t how digital billboards work.

Digital billboards allow real estate marketers to promote different ads in cycles. You can create a schedule to advertise different messages minutes apart from one another. For example, set property ad A for ten minutes and property ad B for another ten minutes. Then, put these ads in a cycle of these ads to keep them going. 

Using digital billboards is a great way to reduce and maximize your ad budget. You don’t need to buy an additional billboard to promote another ad because you can do it with one digital billboard. Say goodbye to the traditional and costly ad buys.

  • Digital Billboards Create A Sense Of Urgency

Most people tend to procrastinate a lot. They always make a plan and decide to wait before purchasing until they end up not doing so. To overcome this kind of mentality, you need to create a sense of urgency, which is something digital billboards can execute effectively.

Here’s an example of an ad that promotes a sense of urgency: create a property ad and state an upcoming discount for those within the next five hours. Then, add a huge timer to trigger the minds of those who pass. This kind of ad reminds them that time is limited and isn’t something they can control. It encourages them to take action as quickly as possible if they don’t want to miss such deals.

Traditional billboards can be updated every day, but digital ones can trigger urgency with updates that can go by seconds, minutes, or hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Digital Billboard?

A digital billboard can cost around USD$40,000, depending on the size, screen resolution, location, and installation. If you lack enough funds to purchase your own digital billboard, consider renting one instead. It only costs around USD$1,000 to USD$4,000 per month, depending on the location.

Although they’re more expensive than traditional ones, digital billboards are more dynamic, meaning they can make ads more effective. Also, they’re more flexible, allowing you to update ads as quickly as possible. However, digital billboards are vulnerable to glitches, but they’re manageable.

How To Choose A Billboard Location?

Billboard location may affect the effectiveness of your outdoor marketing campaigns. That’s why choosing the right location is important. 

When choosing a billboard location, make sure to consider the following factors that may influence its effectiveness:

  • Traffic Speed

There’s a high chance of people seeing your ad if it’s located on a highly-congested highway. So, look for streets with a reduced speed limit or roads susceptible to traffic.

  • Billboard-Road Proximity

The distance of the billboard from the road affects the visibility of your campaigns to the passing drivers. Choose a location near the road to ensure your billboards are close enough to be legible.

  • Travelers

Are you advertising your business to the locals and the people passing through your town? You should also consider people who might visit your business while passing through.

Tips For Successful Real Estate Digital Billboard Advertising

Here are some tips to keep in mind for winning digital billboard advertising:

  • Be Clear

Digital billboards are only seen in a flash of seconds. So, you want to make sure your message can be read and understood in that short period.

  • Less Is More

Don’t crowd your billboard with too much information. Instead, only include those that are necessary (e.g., contact details and real estate agency).

  • Make It Simple

People only have seconds to read and understand your message, so it’s best to make it as simple as possible. Avoid overpowering designs and use fonts that can be easy to read and understand.

Final Thoughts

Digital billboard advertising is an effective way to promote your real estate business. It’s flexible, allowing you to customize and update your content based on your needs. To make your digital billboards more effective, choose the right location, be clear with your message, don’t them with unnecessary information, and make them simple. If you’re interested, call a provider right away to determine the size and location of the billboard suitable for your needs.

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