Four Ways to Incentivize Your Customers

Your marketing plan needs to include ways to incentivize your customers. This could be to get a consumer to make their first buy, to stabilize customer retention, to encourage a response to a call to action that results in a purchase, to motivate repeat buying, to sign up for email contact, for referring new customers, and for visiting your website. These are behaviors that you want to motivate your customers to carry out because they can contribute to your bottom line through various marketing strategies. We help you to select the right incentive for your goals.

Increase Brand Awareness

Marketers seek to increase brand awareness by reaching out to consumers who have not made a purchase from them yet. They are more likely to buy once they know your philosophy and what you do. These incentives must be given freely in line with an appropriate marketing strategy. This could be tied to a special occasion, like a store’s anniversary, and involve making free products available for a limited period.

Free samples are also great because consumers who like the product will come back and purchase the regular size. Competitions and sweepstakes encourage word-of-mouth sharing about your company which really helps brand awareness. Give away branded items to increase brand awareness. These can be small items like pens, bags, clothing, and water bottles.

Obtain New Leads

Once consumers know about your company, how do you get them to make purchases?

It takes time to nurture leads, so you need to have accurate contact details for prospective clients. You could use incentives to get consumers to provide their email addresses. This could be as simple as discounts or coupons when they fill out the email form. Free trials can also motivate consumers to provide their details, but another way to get the information is through competitions or sweepstakes. Finally, you can get the consumer to provide you with an email address in return for an e-book.

Motivate Consumers to Buy

You can motivate consumers to buy from you by sweetening the pot. Specials, such as buy-one-get-one-free can encourage purchasing behavior. This could also include a free upgrade or a free bonus item, like a special bag when clothing up to a minimum amount is bought, or coupons and discounts.

Customer Retention

Working on customer retention is a key marketing strategy. This avoids customer acquisition costs.  Loyal customers are the bread and butter of any company, and every effort must be taken to keep them. Giving incentives for retention increases your chances of retaining their business.

There are many ways to reward loyalty. For example, Mastercard gift cards can be redeemed at millions of locations and are a practical way to thank customers for their support. Some other methods are store credits, discounts, and loyalty points that enable the customer to redeem points for pre-determined rewards. Plan and feature upgrades, as well as competitions and sweepstakes, can also be effective.

Include customer incentives in your marketing plan and as a part of your marketing strategies.

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