Make Sure Your Brand Is Recognizable: How To Do It

It is very important that you develop a “steady” brand that your audience trusts. A strong emotional connection between the brand and the audience is the basis for the successful realization of the plan and the achievement of the organization’s goals. The visibility and recognition of the brand in the market depend exclusively on your tactics, knowledge of modern marketing tools and trends, creativity, and persistence.

What exactly is a “brand”?

A brand or trademark is an intangible concept. It can be defined as a set of marketing and communication methods that help distinguish a particular organization and its product and/or service from competitors. Branding creates a lasting image in the customer’s mind about the value of the organization and its identity. Branding implies the application of a brand strategy that represents a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve certain goals. A well-defined and implemented brand strategy affects all aspects of business and is directly related to customer needs, consumer experiences, and competition.

A good brand should achieve the following goals:

  • sending a clear message to consumers,
  • confirming credibility,
  • emotionally connecting the target market with the product and/or service,
  • achieving consumer loyalty,
  • motivating consumers to buy the product and/or service.

How to create a recognizable brand?

Visual brand identity

The visual identity of an organization or product (brand) is the overall impression that is gained based on the communication of the brand itself with the market. An effective visual impression of the brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of certain visual elements to create a difference in relation to competitors.

The most important visual elements of the brand are:

Logo – Every organization is first recognized by its logo, as a graphic feature of its products. If it is original and attractive, the audience will easily remember it, and it will be a great association with your brand. For this task, make sure to find competent companies and agencies providing the services of graphic and web design. As the folks at Pro Web Technos explain, the logo design process consists of 4 stages: consultation and briefing on the options available; conceptualization; drafts and the first blueprints of the possible logo; and final delivery of the “product”. Each of these steps has a unique purpose and allows consistent cooperation with the client.

Colors – Pay attention to the colors you choose for your brand. They have meanings and affect the users emotionally.

Shapes and graphic design – It is also important to choose what shapes and images represent the brand. A specific brand message is also sent through them.


The power of social networks

Nowadays, hardly anyone is not present in the virtual world or on social networks, and numerous studies show that a large number of people inform themselves on the Internet before making a decision to buy a certain product or service. On the other hand, social media and social networks have numerous advantages compared to other types of marketing promotional marketing promotional content.

So, come up with creative tactics to capture the attention of your target audience through this powerful medium of direct marketing. Today, the social network Instagram comes to the fore because it particularly influences users through photos that are worth more than words.

Influence of influencers

Bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities can have a strong influence on the audience. Their influence is particularly pronounced today in the digital world, where they are followed by a large number of followers on social networks. Influencers have their own fans who can become yours. When influencers have an audience that trusts them, when they promote your products and/or services through their profiles, there is a high probability that users will recognize and distinguish you from others.

Influencers emphasize the brand’s values ​​and messages in several ways: through product reviews, taking photos of the product, recording tutorials where it is discussed about its use and value, organizing online or real events where the products will be promoted, and the like.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important element of internet marketing if you want your brand to be noticed by users through search engines (Google). For good SEO optimization, you need to create quality promotional content for your brand on the site using keywords. If SEO is done well, you can be positioned among the first pages of Google (or maybe even the first), and then your brand will be easily noticed by the audience searching for the keywords and articles they are interested in. Users trust Google, so they will consider you to be among the leaders in a certain field.

How can my brand be successful?

A brand is often equated with the material elements of marketing communications that are used as its support—logos, slogans, and advertising. But a brand is much more than that:

  • a brand is the totality of perceptions – everything you see, hear, read, know, feel, and think about a product, service, and/or organization;
  • the brand has a special place in the consumer’s mind because of previous experiences, associations, and future expectations;
  • the brand stands for attributes, benefits, beliefs, and values ​​that differentiate, reduce complexity, and simplify the purchase decision-making process;
  • a brand is a promise;
  • the brand is emotional, has the power of “personality,” and wins the hearts and minds of its consumers.

Start by thinking about the goals and vision of the brand. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I see my brand in the future?
  • What messages and information do I want to send to the audience?
  • How does the visual identity fit into my brand story?

Investing in good branding can be the key to real success, especially if the brand has a certain emotional or sentimental value to consumers. Often, the name itself sells better than the products due to its former esteem, and people trust it because of it. Think of it this way; ReyBan has a certain appeal and sound to it, yet the company was sold long ago but kept the name. Why? Because the initial branding was so successful, generations to come have associated the brand with quality, and therefore it’s still well-known although decades have passed.

Every product and/or service has a shelf life, and the brand itself is something that goes beyond the product. A brand is a value that remains alive even after the product has been withdrawn from the market.

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