Manhattan Office Space – A Multitude of Neighborhoods to Choose From

While Manhattan is a relatively small Island at just under 34 square miles, it has over 55 neighborhoods, all of which you could locate your Manhattan office space. Each of those neighborhoods has it’s own “flavor.” In fact, in many of the neighborhoods you will find significantly different business cultures that could either help your businesses or, in some cases, even impede it. Make sure you understand what you are getting into. Deciding where to locate your office space in Manhattan can be a challenge. It is especially important to use the services of a local office tenant rep who really knows the areas you are interested in locating and can communicate their differences to you.

The three main neighborhoods are Upper Manhattan, Midtown, and Lower Manhattan. Within each of those there are numerous smaller neighborhoods. The map below show most of the neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Manhattan Office Space Neighborhoods

Manhattan Neighborhoods

The Manhattan office space market is the largest and most expensive in the US with over 430 million square feet of office space and rental rates in some areas over the $100 / square foot per year mark. To put that into perspective, the second largest metropolitan office market in the US is Chicago at just over one-half that size.

The markets that we get the most requests for assistance in are:
Grand Central
Lower Manhattan
Midtown Manhattan
Times Square
Wall Street / Financial District
To find out more information on those sub-markets, click on the links above.

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