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Organizing Your Writing Workplace for Better Productivity

Do you find completing a word objective for a day/month difficult? Does your workplace give you a chance to concentrate on your writing? If you have doubts about answers to these questions, this article will come in handy. Writers care about their productivity and often search for ways of improving it. Organizing your writing workplace might be a nice starting point. If you are still working in bed with a laptop on your knees, consider changing this routine to become a more productive writer.

A poorly organized workplace can lead to writer’s block. Staring at a blank page for hours is the opposite of being productive. On top of having a well-organized working space, you can use a reliable writing service to get new ideas for your content. Experienced writers will help you generate non-trivial topics. They can also help you with less exciting stages of the writing process – editing and proofreading. Doing so will help you boost productivity and meet the most challenging deadlines.

Some believe that reorganizing a workplace requires a lot of time and effort. However, small things are essential in creating a productive environment around you. You will not have to spend a fortune on renovation. Even a slight change makes a big difference. Check these practical tips on how to turn your workplace into a motivational space that inspires you.

Determine a specific workplace for writing

No matter how tempting it may seem, do not choose your bed as a workplace. Your brain perceives it as an area where you relax. Getting it in the work mood and generating great ideas for your writing will be challenging. Organize a zone with a desk and a comfortable chair. It is crucial to differentiate zones for resting and for working. You will notice that it is easier to focus on your writing when you are not lying in bed with a laptop. You can also consider a standing desk as a healthier alternative. Apparently, standing while working makes you more energetic and productive. On top of that, it can reduce the influence of a sedentary lifestyle on your health.

Change locations

It’s great to have a workplace at home. However, writing is all about finding inspiration and exciting new ideas. Changing locations from time to time might help you boost your creativity. You can go to a nearby library, cafe, or co-working space. You will be surprised by the effect of writing in a new place. Sometimes it might be challenging to develop new ideas when you see the same things every day. Many writers note that watching others walk, talk, drink coffee, etc., helps them clear their minds and create something outstanding.

Keep it clean

Creativity does not mean chaos. Your creative personality will not appreciate clutter. Try to keep your desk clean and neat. Use drawers to organize everything you might need during the writing process. Buy a desk organizer to create a space where you can easily find all the necessary things. Don’t leave empty coffee cups on your desk. The more excessive stuff on your desk, the more challenging it is for you to concentrate. Another critical point is not to use the cleaning process of your desk as an excuse for procrastination. Clean it in advance. Moreover, cleaning your workplace should become a healthy habit.

Pay attention to the room lighting

Light is crucial for productive work. Make sure your workplace has access to daylight. Some writers prefer putting their desks in front of a window so that they can see what is going on outside. If you have this opportunity, use it. Such an approach imitates sitting in a cafe by the window, but in this case, you don’t need to pay for your coffee. If you enjoy writing in the evening or during nighttime, make sure you have a good lamp. Your brain needs as much light as possible to come up with brilliant ideas. Also, consider buying a floor lamp if you lack space on your desk.

Install a calendar

Let it hang somewhere near your desk. You will track all the meetings you have and other daily activities. You will also be able to make notes there while you write. Sometimes an idea of what you need to do comes to your mind while writing. Then, you will not need to stop the process. Also, a calendar will help you remember all the important dates and appointments as you will look at it all the time, even if you use your peripheral vision.

Surround your workplace with inspiring things

Even though it is a place where you need to concentrate on your work, it does not mean that it has to be completely empty and boring. Use posters, photos of your friends and family, motivational quotes, or quotes from famous writers that inspire you. If looking at a picture of your cat makes you think of a new plot twist, put it on the wall as well. Be bold and change something if your workplace still feels wrong. Paint the walls in a different color. Blue and green colors have a positive effect on our productivity.

Buy a trash can

It all starts innocently: you just need to throw a little paper away. You stand up, go to the kitchen, throw it away, look at your coffee cup, and decide to drink some. Then, you recall that there is a leftover piece of cake in the fridge. A few minutes later, you find yourself drinking coffee and eating that cake while watching funny videos on YouTube. Therefore, break this vicious circle and buy a trash can. You will not have to distract yourself.

Hopefully, you will use some of these recommendations to improve your workplace. However, you can find many other ways to get to new levels of effectiveness. For instance, you can look through some of these ideas from the American Psychological Association on how to boost your productivity by implementing small changes into your routine. Test different approaches and find something that fits your needs.

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