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5 Benefits of Designing Office Space for Teamwork

Designing office spaceThere are many benefits to designing office space for teamwork. The design of your office can have a major impact on your employees and bottom line. If your office layout is spread out and employees are seated away from each other, they can’t easily communicate. Seating employees together can help them work better together.

Here are 5 benefits of designing office space for teamwork:

1. Encourages Teamwork

The main (and most obvious) benefit of creating an office space designed for teamwork is your office space will naturally encourage teamwork. Office cubicles tend to make employees feel isolated and closed off from the rest of their colleagues. This isolation makes it difficult for people to work together. When teams are seated together, they are in a position to work together and discuss strategies and…

2. Inspires New Ideas

The best way to inspire ideas is to get people working together. With people sitting and working together, they can discuss ideas and share information which will help inspire new ideas. Brainstorming sessions are easy to do when employees are seated together.

3. Individual Development

For staff working in an office designed for teamwork, it’s very beneficial for their own individual learning. Employees can learn more from their colleagues around them. It’s a perfect opportunity for teams to share experiences and learn from mistakes.

4. Improves office morale

Creating an office designed for team work does wonders for staff morale. In general, employees are happier. Offices that are built with open spaces means employees can easily talk to each other and develop friendships. As employees spend over 40 hours a week at work, some social interaction is important for keeping up morale. Having happy employees is central for maintaining a positive workspace, increasing employee engagement and productivity. As well as decreasing the likelihood of employees deciding to suddenly leave.

5. Creates a community

As we mentioned before, work is a major part of employees’ lives. If they aren’t happy, they’ll move on. However, creating an office that is designed for teamwork will invite employees to form friendships and develop trust. This natural development will work towards creating a social community in your business.

There are many benefits to creating an office that is designed for teamwork; for your business and your employees. It’s important you encourage teamwork as employees can feel isolated and may struggle to be as productive as they can be otherwise.

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The Importance of Natural Light in a Workplace

Natural light in a workplaceIf you are looking for new office space to house your workforce, put natural lighting high on your list of priorities. The positive commercial benefits of focusing on natural light in a workplace are becoming more widely known. Why not give your business an edge by jumping on this productivity pusher right away?

A happy, healthy workforce is something every company boss should strive for. Good morale is linked to higher productivity, greater employee engagement and lower rates of absenteeism, so ultimately it makes sense on both a human and economic level.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of improving staff morale and boosting productivity is introducing natural light in a workspace. On the surface it may seem that such a subtle change couldn’t possibly deliver results, but it is widely recognized that offices with good natural lighting resources have staff that are generally happier and more productive. Medical research related to natural light in a workplace has concluded that depressive symptoms and poor quality of sleep are increased in staff working in environments starved of natural light.

So what can be done to push up light levels in the office?

Start by checking simple stuff such as layout. Are there big filing cabinets or furnishings blocking light flow into the room? If so, adapt the layout to allow extra light in. Are offices along the windows blocking light from getting into the interior space? You might want to consider adding relights (interior windows) to allow light through.

Keep window treatments to a minimum and consider using streamlined options such as interior shutters to help control the amount of light that enters throughout the day. Sometimes strong sunlight on computer screens can be a nuisance, but when you install bespoke shutters this is no longer an issue. It is simple to measure and fit shutters suitable for all types and sizes of window, enabling you to actively manage light flow through the days and seasons.

Light shelves that direct natural lighting up toward the ceiling for it then to be reflected back down into the room, are another effective way offices can be illuminated. Alternatively, the installation of dimmer switches and sensors close to windows helps manage when electric lighting is used – shaving costs off power bills in the process.

If walls can’t be opened up for windows, consider fitting skylights or light tubes to harvest the light from overhead. Skylights spill more light into a room than a conventional window and can turn dark, uninspiring spaces into sun-filled dynamic offices. Light tubes can funnel natural light a considerable distance into awkward spaces.

Easy and simple decor tricks can be employed to give an office a lighter vibe. Paint walls with pale shades that reflect light. Keep furnishings scaled down so there is plenty of space to move around and the flow of the room is open and uncluttered. Consider using furniture made from Perspex or glass to maximize the sense of light and fluidity in the space. Mirrors installed in dark corners, corridors or alcoves can bounce light around, lifting the gloom and spreading an energized, upbeat ambiance.

Show your staff how much they are valued and appreciated by housing them in offices that press their feel-good buttons. Brighter, lighter conditions bring out the best in your staff so when you are scoping out new offices be sure to head towards the light…

4 Steps to Build an Agile Workplace

Agile WorkplaceThere are many exciting trends in office spaces, but one of the biggest trends is the agile workplace. Agile workplaces are designed on the principle of giving workers space to work in ways that they are most comfortable and allowing them to work where and when they want. An agile workplace can quickly transform to suit the needs of the workforce. This innovative idea has led to more engaged employees and overall increased productivity. Companies that want to increase their productivity should take the following steps to implement an agile workplace.

1. Establish a plan: You should have an idea as to the what the office should look like before you begin designing your agile workplace. Make sure you know what the office space will be used for before you start planning. Hiring your own space planner is the best way to go about doing this.

2. Develop a budget for your program: Designing or redesigning your office space is expensive, so you must establish a budget before you design your agile office space. Decide what furniture you are getting rid of and what furniture you intend to buy. From there it should be simple to develop your budget.

3. Implement your plan: If you are moving into a new office or making significant changes to your office space, then you will want to hire you own contractor. A contractor can get the job done better and faster. Sit down with your contractor and make sure your plan is implemented the way you want. Agile workplaces are a new concept, so you may need to work carefully with the contractor to get the job done well.

4. Educate the workforce: After you have designed and constructed your new agile workplace, you need to train your workforce. Let the workforce see the new features offered by this new agile workplace. Set down the rule by which they need to follow. Your employees are sure to enjoy the freedom provided by the agile work environment, but you want to make sure and let them know your expectations.

An agile workplace will have a major impact on your workplace efficiency. If you have any questions about implementing an agile workplace, then contact us.

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Agile Workplace: The Four Zones You Need

Agile workplace FlexibilityIf you have been doing your research about employee productivity, you might have found that offering an agile workplace which includes a flexible workplace where employees can choose where they like to work rather than being crammed in a cubicle or a tiny office — is a great way to increase employee engagement and production. Before you can get started with implementing this type of workplace into your office, however, you have to understand the four main zones that must be present in an agile workplace. Then, you can work on creating these zones, and therefore, creating a better work environment for all of your employees.

1. Focus Zone

Some employees prefer a quiet place to call their own. This is why about half of your office space should be taken up by quiet pods and individual work areas. This is where employees can go when they want to work alone or when they want a place to stash their stuff and gather their thoughts.

2. Collaborative Zone

One big positive about an agile workplace is the fact that it gives employees a chance to collaborate when they want to. To promote this, you’ll need to provide a collaborative zone, or a place where employees can work together in relative peace and quiet. This zone should be somewhat shielded from the rest of the office but should be easy for everyone to access and can include small tables with chairs and group-sized benches or couches.

3. Social Zone

Employees should be able to differentiate break time and lunch time from work time. This means that you should create social zones that encourage employees to chat and relax with one another during down-time, such as a nice break room or lunch area.

4. Meeting Zone

Similar to a collaborative zone, a meeting zone should encourage employees to work together. However, this space should be bigger and should provide opportunities for more formal meetings, such as a conference room with large tables and lots of chairs.

An agile workplace can be the perfect option for improving morale and productivity in the office. It also allows company to react quickly to changing business conditions by not being tied down to specific seating for employees. If you contact us at OfficeFinder, we can help you find the perfect office setting that will allow you to implement an agile workplace for your business.

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Exciting New Skyscraper in NYC Set to Capitalize on Architectural Tech

Earlier this month, an exciting, new skyscraper in NYC in the making, the West 57th Street Tower, captured architectural news headlines, including Architectural Digest. What catapulted the proposed design into the limelight? For one, the building is slated to eventually dominate one of the New York City’s most iconic skylines, Downtown Manhattan. Its exterior is also expected to look like something out of 12th century Europe. It is also known as the “Michaelangelo Tower” (named by the press), or “The Khaleesi” (in-house code-name). Not up on your architectural history? No worries.

Buildings from that era were known to have a number of marked features. For example, they were typically tall, window-filled, stone structures with pointed arches, flying buttresses and vaulted ceilings. Also, many of those same office buildings boasted a great deal of decorative stone work. Oftentimes, it incorporated mythological themes that included griffins, angels and gargoyles.

The man behind the proposed design is none other than Mark Foster Gage. Gage is known for his unparalleled designs and liberal use of computer numerical control, computer aided design software and three-dimensional printing. They’re among the most creative tools currently available in architects’ arsenals. And Gage’s proposed exterior will undoubtedly impact the new, office building’s interior as well.

With 102-stories planned in this skyscraper in NYC, there will likely be many rentable spaces to choose from. However, details on each retail, residential, commercial and mixed use space have yet to be released because the building’s development is still in the early stages. So what should fans of Gage’s work do in the interim? May we suggest renting office space near the proposed structure or other buildings with historic features?


Location: West 57th Street, New York City, Manhattan
Height in floors: 102
Height in feet:  1492
Residential Units: 91
Sky lobby level 64
Resident retail level 64
Structure: concrete
Façade Materials: Limestone tinted Taktl© panels, Hydroformed
Sheet Bronze, Brass extrusions

There are a number of architectural gems in Manhattan and New York City that boast period design elements. To learn more about these existing properties or ones expected to be constructed in the near future, please contact OfficeFinder today. Our local tenant representative can help you find just the right style of office building for your business and their services are 100% free to you.

Happy Holidays to all!

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3 Affordable Ways to Create a More Exciting Office Space for Employees

Excited employee If you offer a great office for your employees to work in, then you can draw in the best job candidates. Plus, employees are more likely to stay where they are rather than applying for other job positions in other companies if they like where they work.

This means that creating exciting and attractive office space for employees should be a big priority for your company, even if you have never focused on it before. This does not mean that you have to spend a huge budget on expensive furniture and decor. However, taking a few steps to create a better work environment can be well worth its while. Here are a few very affordable ways to upgrade your office that will keep employees happy:

1. Use Bright Colors

So many offices are boring, neutral and unattractive. These types of workspaces can be boring and depressing for employees. There is no reason to keep it neutral when you can bring in color instead. Consider painting your walls in bright colors and adding bright decor into the office. Not only will it help spark more creativity and happiness among your employees, but it’s sure to look more attractive for your customers as well.

2. Change the Lighting

Who likes working in fluorescent lighting? Consider swapping out your fluorescent lighting for more attractive lighting options. Also, consider adding multiple layers of lighting, such as by using floor and table lamps. Then, different employees can tailor their lighting to suit their preferences and needs.

3. Add Some Life

Consider bringing some life into your office building to liven things up and make the place a lot less depressing. Fish tanks and live plants are easy to take care of and can give your office space a lot more appeal.

As you can see, making your office space more exciting and appealing for employees is easier than you probably think. If you need help, contact us at OfficeFinder, LLC to find the perfect office building for yourself and your employees.

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Five benefits of a Green Office Space

Green Office Space
There are many trends in the world of office space design, but one of the biggest trends in office design is the incorporation of green office space. It is an important trend and making your office space green will have several benefits on your business.

  1. Saving money: Green office spaces save energy and materials. This will save money for your business, that can be redirected somewhere else.
  2. Positive Environmental impact: It is the right thing to do. The world faces many threats, but one of the biggest threats is damage to the environment. Everyone must take action to save the environment. Creating a green office space will have a positive impact on the environment for years to come.
  3. Increased productivity: Productivity is critical to any business, and a green office space can help your workers become much more productive. A recent study found that workers are thirty percent more productive in a green environment than in a conventional workspace. This increased productivity is a difference maker for your business.
  4. Appealing to new employees: Many employees are looking for a company that cares about the environment; to be aligned with their core values. If you want to attract and keep top talent, then showing that you care about the environment will have a positive impact on your recruitment.
  5. Positive Public Relations: In addition to being the right thing to do, protecting the environment is very trendy now. Tapping into this excitement is a smart public relations move. Consider formulating a press release to go along with setting up a green office space. You will definitely see results from this press release.

The future of the office is in green office space design. If you want to ensure that your business is successful, then you must start following the principle of green design today. Contact us for more information on find a green office space for your company.

Find out more more at our Green Office Space web page and 5 Low Cost Solutions For A Green Office Space


Do You Allow Third Place Working For Your Employees?

Third Place WorkingGetting work done can be quite difficult if your workspace has distractions. People need a place where they can focus on the work they want to get done. Everyone has a different style of how they can be productive. Sometimes employees are extremely efficient while working in an office, while other people need a variety of different environment to work in. One of the most popular trends in workplace strategy is third place working.

Third place working is the act of working from somewhere other than your home or office. One popular place to participate in third place working is at a local coffee shop. Many workers find that they are able to focus when they have their favorite drink in their hand and they can take in the smell of fresh coffee. Another popular place to work is the library. The library is extremely quiet, and those that are working in research fields are likely to find the information available at the library to be extremely helpful. Sometimes it is just nice to get away from the office to get work done.

So, should your business be okay with third place working? Whether you know it or not, if you have employees, they are likely taking advantage of third place workplaces on occasion. How well it works for them depends on how much you, the boss, values productivity. Allowing third place working does not have to be a black and white decision.  If your company relies on employees being able to work with one another, then third place working may not be ideal all of the time. If your employees tend to work alone and getting the job done is priority #1, then you should encourage workers to work from wherever they can get the most work done and whenever they may choose to do it. It will also benefit employee engagement if they are allowed to be productive on their terms.  Before you establish a third place working policy at your company, you should balance your priorities so you know how much freedom you are willing to give your workers.

Flexible workplaces and Agile workplaces are extremely popular, and many businesses have flourished by allowing workers to be much more flexible. If we can help you with your office space needs, please Contact us to learn more about flexible workplaces.

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Apple’s New Space Ship Office in Cupertino

Apple has been a revolutionary company since the beginning, when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were soldering electronic components in a garage. They’ve come a long way since those days, with a spectacular headquarters at the famous address of 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. Now Apple has outgrown even that facility and has started work on an exciting new office building.

The Apple Space Ship Office

The new building will be an immense four-story disk with a large, circular central courtyard. It resembles more than anything, an enormous flying saucer leading many to refer to it as “the Space Ship.” And it is truly enormous. The disk is over a mile around enclosing over 2.8 million square feet of interior space. It will provide workspace to over 13,000 Apple employees. Scheduled completion is the end of 2016.

As befitting a high-tech company, Apple’s new building will implement the latest ideas in office design.

The Outdoors Brought Indoors

The building will be ringed by huge walls of glass. Employees will be able to look outward to the rest of the campus, and also inward to the central courtyard, which was inspired by a London square where houses surround a large, central park. Huge parking garages will be built beneath the building so that car parks don’t spoil the view. Much research indicated that natural light and exposure to nature improves workplace productivity and employee morale.

Environmentally Friendly

Apple intends to use alternative energy to power their new headquarters. It will be entirely self sufficient with power coming from an on-site, “low-carbon” power plant supplemented by solar cells lining the roof. Additionally, over 7,000 trees will grace the campus, providing aesthetic and environmental benefits.

More Photos

Latest news is that Apple is already planning a second space ship office in Sunnyvale to house around 3,000 employees.

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“Apple Campus 2 rendering” by Apple, Inc.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

7 Keys To A More Productive Office Space

Whether you are having trouble focusing in your office, or feel stifled and cramped in your cubicle, a disorganized or too-relaxed workspace can be a source of mental blocks and procrastination. But by identifying these distractions, you can come up with a plan to create an environment that prevents distraction and creates a more productive office space. At Modernize, we are committed to helping you find ways to streamline your space and increase productivity. Follow these 7 guidelines to help you create a better workspace that will make your productivity skyrocket and your overall mood improve.

Modernize your Office

via Modernize

Office Layout

The first step to creating a more productive office space is to choose a layout that makes sense. Many employees feel their productivity levels rise with a diverse work environment, so if your office space allows, make room for your desk, a sofa and/or chairs, a meeting table, and filing cabinets or other storage. Use your desk for daily tasks such as catching up on emails, working on spreadsheets, and other computer or writing based tasks. A comfortable sofa or chairs is perfect for informal meetings, while a larger and more formal meeting table works best for group meetings and brainstorming sessions. By sticking to these unspoken room dividing rules, you will feel more comfortable in each work space. If you spend some of your time working from home, follow the same rules as above, making sure your home/work boundary lines are clear and that your home office is set up in a similar way.


Nothing stifles productivity like a dimly lit room, so it’s important to get the lighting right in your office space. If you have control of the windows, open the blinds and let in as much natural light as possible. Psychologists have found that sunlight does wonders for mental health. Sadly, a corner office with wall-to-wall windows isn’t available to everyone, so try to pay attention to the lighting you do have and your reaction to it. Are you squinting to read or straining your eyes? Is a dim workspace causing you to feel lethargic? Experiment with some different lighting options. A simple lighting change could alleviate this stress and create a much more productive environment.


Getting the comfort levels just right in your office makes a huge difference in terms of productivity. Too much comfort induces lethargy and sleepiness, whereas too little lowers morale and discourages work.Get the balance right by investing in a few products that will keep you and your office space at optimum output. First, invest in a top-notch office chair or portable back support. According to the American Academy of Physicians, around 90% of adults have experienced back pain, and we all know that getting good back support while you work makes a huge difference in both mood and effectiveness in the workplace. Second, make sure to take control of your body temperature. Most rented and leased office spaces will have centralized air conditioning and heating, so dress for the indoor weather with layers.


Personalizing your office is important for employee morale, but make sure you don’t take it too far. Adopting a minimalist approach will greatly benefit your productivity by helping you focus on work instead of cluttered distractions. A few family photos and low-maintenance plants make your office seem less like the cubicle or boxed room that it is and more like home without taking your attention away from your daily tasks.


Remove all electronics that tend to distract you. Perhaps you work best while playing music in the background—however, playing music on your cell phone leads to texting and surfing the web unintentionally. You may notice that playing pop music has you thinking more about the weekend’s plans than the task at hand. Researchers from Cambridge found that music with lyrics are 48% more likely to distract a worker while music without lyrics increases productivity. Set your radio or music app to a classical music station and watch your productivity levels increase dramatically.


Organize your space for efficiency. Consider how you operate day to day and make the things you access most often easiest to reach. Color code when you can, and label your storage to make old files easy to find. If you also work from home, equip your home office in a similar setup to your rented or leased space: the same technologies, operating systems, and programs will maximize your productivity and efficiency when you are on the go. A productive flexible work space consists of well organized, portable items, so make use of memory sticks, smartphones, and laptops. Lastly, remember to bring your briefcase or portfolio to work every day in case you need to grab files and go.


Those of us with busy work schedules often find it difficult to keep a clean and tidy office space. By putting off the cleaning process, the clutter can become overwhelming and unbearable. Set aside a day each month to organize and clean your workspace and ensure that your space will never become too untidy and disorganized.

A guest blog courtesy of Modernize.