Ergonomics for Desk Job Workers

Many businesses are moving towards e-commerce and require their employees to sit for long hours and monitor or execute all the business activity. However, this does not mean that the health of employees should be compromised. 

WorkSafe Australia’s research in 2019 concluded that poor workplace practices and inadequate furniture choices by employers were leading to musculoskeletal injuries among employees. While long hours sitting at the desk can lead to bad posture, fatigue, and health issues, these consequences can be avoided with the right equipment and optimal practices across the workspace. This is where ergonomics comes in.

Ergonomics are used by major employers all over the globe today in the form of psychological and physiological principles in the office.

As a science-based discipline applied to different aspects of an office environment, it encourages employees’ healthy working environment and lifestyle. 

If you are an employee or trying to find a job, we encourage you to look at deskjobs by Lensa and check the facilities your potential employer provides in terms of the work environment. If you are an employer, here are a few ways you can integrate ergonomics into the workspace to benefit desk job workers: 

Use Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic desk chairs are an excellent addition to the office to encourage a healthy posture among desk job workers. They are designed to provide lumbar support and naturally adjust the angles of the person seated at the desk, facilitating the spine’s natural curve and ensuring comfort throughout the day. Their height enables the occupant’s feet to be flat on the floor and elbows at 90 degrees when typing. These chairs need to be integrated into all workplace areas, from the cubicles to executive offices. 

Standing Desks

Desk jobs require extended work hours and can strain posture and eyesight if the desk is not at the right height. Ergonomic standing desks are an ideal solution to this problem, as they come with adjustable height. This ensures that the desks at your workspace can be customized according to the size of each employee and to monitor their style. Height adjustable desks are also ideal as they break up the working day. Your employees can work from a standing position for a while if they get tired of sitting for an extended period. 

 Desk Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of incorporating an ergonomic approach into a workspace. Desk job ergonomics involves adding ergonomic accessories and adjusting the desktop screen to eye level. Your desk screen should be roughly at a distance of one arm, with the screen at the status of your eye or just a little below. 

Computer accessories like your keyboard or mouse must be placed appropriately to avoid the risk of strain on the user and prevent an awkward movement of hands or worsening of the posture. This reduces the chance of back pain in the employee over time and ensures an organized and clutter-free desk that helps with stress control.


Workplace ergonomics constitute the right approach to improve the comfort and safety of employees. Along with adapting this approach through ergonomic chairs, desks, and accessories, it is also essential to take care of lighting, air quality, and the office’s humidity levels. Such an approach will change how desk workers interact with their working environment and lead to a more productive work time. It also significantly retains employee motivation and can reduce the risk of significant musculoskeletal injuries and deteriorating mental health. 

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