Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Texas

Commercial real estate can be a tricky thing to invest in if you don’t have much knowledge about the differences between commercial and residential real estate. Texas has become one of the biggest economic hubs in the country, and people have been flocking there to open up their businesses in the last few years. If you have ever thought about moving some of your money over to property in Texas, then keep reading to see some of the benefits of investing in Commercial real estate in Texas. 

What is commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate is the loose term for real estate that will be used for commerce. Examples include small storefronts, large shopping malls, hotels, multi-family rental units, and even factories. Most of the time, the space is owned by one entity, and it is leased or rented by another, which will generate an income

What is the difference between a commercial rental and a residential rental?

There are quite a few differences between the two, and commercial leases are a bit more complicated. First of all, a commercial lease will likely have some rules in place that will designate what the property will be used for. If you are renting a storefront to sell your handmade items, your lease will specify that you are using it as a retail space. 

A commercial lease will also typically go on for much longer than a residential lease. Three to five years is pretty standard, but it can go much longer for properties like office buildings that house large companies. You also need to be aware that the tenant may be responsible for the property taxes, insurance and maintenance under many commercial leases depending on the type of lease.

Business owners prefer longer lease periods; hence the average length of a commercial lease is three to five years. Dates for the beginning and conclusion of the lease are frequently stipulated in the lease agreement as well. In Texas, the typical starting price for commercial real estate is half a million dollars. On the other hand, there are lot of residential houses in TX for sale which price starts from $300k.

What is the commercial real estate market like in Texas?

Texas has one of the best commercial real estate markets in the country right now, and it’s the perfect time to invest. Texas saw a slight economic downturn in the last few years due to the pandemic, but they have come back swinging, and job options are on the rise. 

Austin has com out on top as one of the best contenders for great investments. The city has had a rise in jobs, office space, and population growth in the last year. Fort Worth has also made a name for itself by being the city with the most considerable amount of new construction within the previous year. There are so many other great cities in the state that have great markets.  Let’s take a look at a few of the cities in Texas that have hot commercial real estate markets. 

Austin: This city was ranked number two for commercial real estate investments in 2021, and it is doing its best to go for a second year. It’s become a tech hub, and people have been flocking there in droves to be part of the industry. In the last few years, major companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google have all made their way here to open up shop, and more companies are just going to follow. 

Dallas: Dallas is the capital of the state which makes it a pretty popular place, but the city’s 1.4 million population is likely going to just keep growing. The town has a very low cost of living compared to other metro cities, and it has the space to keep up with the growing demand for homes. The town also passed an ordinance in 2008 that requires buildings to have a specific level of water and energy efficiency, which has brought in new builders who are also committed to the eco-friendly idea. 

Fort Worth: We already talked about this hidden gem that has become one of the hottest places in Texas to purchase a property. The city has seen a wave of new construction over the last few years, including an expansion to the Fort Worth Data Center that is run by Facebook. Experts are predicting that a rise in tech for the area, combined with more millennials who are looking for worth within a walkable distance, will help Fort Worth maintain its high level of jobs and great home prices. 

Is Texas a good place to look at if I want to invest in commercial real estate?

Texas has three of some of the best markets in the country right now for commercial real estate investments. Texas had one of its best years for commercial real estate in 2021, and the number is just going up. Check with your financial expert to see what kind of capital you have and what types of business loans you qualify for before you start your search.

A commercial real estate expert will be able to help you out when it comes to figuring out what you will need for your purchase. You should also consult with a few building experts, such as an architect, a civil engineer, or who has many years of experience with commercial buildings, to help determine if there are any significant issues to worry about.

Texas is full of fantastic investment opportunities as long as you know the best places to go. Do your research as much as you can to ensure you are getting the best value and giving yourself the best opportunity for a great income. 

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