5 Office Space Features Young Professionals Want Most

When it comes to the layout and design of your office space, there is no perfect, blanket solution. The truth is, every company is unique and has its own requirements. Fortunately, however, there is no better guide to designing your office than your employees. Young professionals especially tend to be vocal about what they like and expect, and you should try to use that. Creating a work environment which stimulates your workforce to be productive should be your top priority in this process. So, in order to help you out, we have put together a list of 5 office space features young professionals want most commonly. We hope you find it useful.

1. Office amenities

First off, young professionals tend to appreciate comfort quite a bit. As such, convenient office amenities which also make them comfortable are a very good choice. Lounges, washrooms and an office kitchen are almost guaranteed to pay for themselves with the increase in productivity. It is also a great idea to make the kitchen the heart of the office. It is a great way for your employees to relax on their breaks and bond. Additionally, free parking and transportation sound quite appealing to everyone, not just young professionals. Redesigning your office space with all of this in mind will help your work force stay engaged and productive. Alternatively, if you plan to move office, try to find office space which already has some of these amenities. Or, at the very least, make sure it has enough space to support all of them then add them in over time.

2. Plants

You would be surprised how much young professionals actually care about having plants around. After all, plants are a wonderful way to add a bit of life to the office space, and this helps a lot with keeping your employees happy. As such, you should seriously consider decorating your office space with plants. Wherever you can, simply replace a regular decoration with a plant instead. All of your employees are sure to appreciate plants spread throughout the office. And, at the end of the day, plants are incredibly versatile when it comes to decoration. The only thing to keep in mind is that plants aren’t easy to move, if you ever decide to move to a new office. You should make sure you know how to handle them in order to transfer them stress-free. Or, at the very least, make sure your commercial movers are experienced with moving plants.

3. Coffee machines

When it comes to office space features young professionals want most, it goes without saying that coffee machines are needed. And they want good coffee. It is an investment which is guaranteed to pay for itself with the productivity it will bring. Anyone can use a coffee early on in the morning, or after a while of working hard. As such, investing into a few quality coffee machines will do wonders for your workforce, especially the young professionals among them. Just make sure that you don’t get low quality coffee machines. Getting coffee when you could use one and finding that it tastes bad can be a real downer and have the opposite effect on your employees. Also, when investing into coffee machines, it’s a good idea to look into your office water quality. Clean and filtered water ususally makes better coffee.

4. Personalized office space

While many young professionals do appreciate open floor plans, most would like their own space. On top of that, they value the quality of their workspace above everything else. Privacy plays a big part in the productivity of young professionals, and while it is important to get them to engage in cooperative work it is equally as important to let them have private focused work.  Additionally, it’s important to know that employees who have more control of their work environment tend to thrive. So, whether they work in a small corner office or in an open space, it’s very important to give them room to personalize their space. Experts from getmovedtoday.com also note that, in the event of an office move, your employees will want to bring all of their personalized decorations along. These items can be difficult to move, so prepare yourself for that.

5. Creativity and natural light

The most important of the office space features young professionals want most is a positive work environment. When they are comfortable, it is much easier to work. And what better way to create a positive atmosphere than through natural light and some creative decorations? Everyone loves expressing themselves creatively, which is another reason why letting employees personalize their space is important, so consider adding some unique decorations such as paintings, vintage furniture or such. Show off the cultureof your business. Although, it is still important to maintain an organized and clean workspace, but make sure not to overdo it. Natural light, on the other hand, has a simple but very noticeable effect on mental health. People who are regularly exposed to natural light during work hours have been proven to be happier, and a happy employee is an efficient employee. As such this is important to keep in mind when organizing your office space.

Young professionals, in today’s world, tend to want features which are convenient and comfortable from their work space. When they have them, it is much easier for them to be productive and work efficiently. Keeping your employees happy is important, so remember to ask around the office which features they would like to have added. We hope you found this list of 5 office space features young professionals want most helpful.

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