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The Best Kept Secret to Renting Office Space

Best Kept Secret renting office spaceThere is no doubt that renting office space is an extremely important business decision.  This will often be your clients’ very first impression of you and your company. It is also where your employees spend the majority of their time working. You want to make sure there are no problems. That is what the best kept secret to renting office space is all about.

What is the best kept secret to renting office space?

The best kept secret to renting office space is to make sure you rent one that utilizes a property management company.


Managing an office building requires considerable time and knowledge, two things many landlords may have in short supply. For instance, renting out space involves going over tenant applications, screening them, researching companies, collecting deposits, taking care of maintenance and ensuring rent is paid on time.  Why would this be your concern as a tenant? Making sure your neighbors pay on time, have good credit and keep their surroundings tidy ensures the consistency and security of your own office space.  Not to mention, your clients and business associates will likely judge you on the general impression and façade of your office building.

Peace of Mind

No matter where your landlord is in the world, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of if they have hired a property management company. This means you won’t have to to worry about calls not being returned for days, and you get peace of mind that someone is there to take of whatever may go wrong.

The little things include cleaning the carpet, painting the walls and conducting small repairs before a business moves in, allowing it to start its tenancy with you on the right foot. Big things tend to include a general aura of professionalism, for example, with prompt response rates that make you as a tenant happy.

Ongoing maintenance helps keep your office space in tiptop shape.

Of course, not all property management companies offer the same standard of service. It’s important to go over the list of services a company provides and check their reviews from the other tenants.

Many Benefits, Some You May Not Have Unexpected

In a nutshell, renting an office space run by a property management company provides security in the following areas:

  • Legal issues – this in your best as well as the owner of the building. It’s always good to have documents clearly stating whose responsibility certain matters are and the time frame in which they need to be taken care of.
  • Administrative details – Need leasing paperwork for your taxes or to change your payment method? Now you have options in a timely manner.
  • Maintenance – need I say more? The property management company is obligated to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Marketing – Make sure your building is occupied and you are in a bustling center of commerce.
  • Tenant screenings and tenant evictions – Your neighbors are held to a high standard that reflects on your reputation as a successful business owner.

The above features and much more enable you to direct your energy into your business, making more money and enjoying your me time away from work not wondering when the landlord will fix damage to the entry way of your office; keeping your office in pristine condition and likely end up saving you money and stress in the long run.

Guest Post by: Patrick Rogers is the Principal Property Manager for Asurent Property Management in Eugene Oregon.



Office Space Buzz Words for 2017? “Flexible Workplaces”

Flexible WorkplacesAccording to a recent blog post written by Cindy Krischer Goodman, and published by the Miami Herald, one of the biggest movements of 2017 is likely to be the continued rise of flexible workplaces. Fueled by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and powered by a workplace now heavily inhabited by millennials — a group that strives for a work/life balance — the number of companies offering flexible workplace options for their employees is the highest it’s ever been.

In fact, Goodman notes, 80 percent of 375 companies recently asked, state that they offer some form of workplace flexibility. Many of these options include tele-work days, flex time, and shortened workweeks. However, other ideas being utilized by companies involve work-from-anywhere plans, and independent contract work. Videoconferencing is becoming a norm for companies that are escaping the traditional workplace, as are shared calendars and computer monitoring programs.

With a tightening market and employees that may have more than one job offer, the flexibility of the workplace is becoming an important benefit. By next year, Goodman explains, “agile” workers — those working in a temporary, contract, or freelance capacity — are expected to make up as much as 50 percent of the workforce in the U.S. This is all a part of the new “Gig Economy.” The word “Gig” is slang for a short term work engagement, similar to what a musician would have with a date to play music.

Enter coworking spaces. Somewhere between a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi and the business centre of the 80s, coworking spaces offer the combination of flexibility that agile workers require and the business culture that they need. A recent report from DTZ predicted that there will be close to 50,000 coworking spaces available by next year, providing benefits such as short-lease occupancy, remote working, and a simple solution for start-ups looking to focus more on their business offerings and less on their location. As we discussed a few weeks ago, Coworking spaces are not just for small businesses. Many Fortune 500 companies use them as a source for providing flexible workplaces to their employees.

Would you like to find flexible workplaces in your market or learn more about the benefits of coworking spaces? If so, feel free to Contact us!








Honest Office Space Virtual Tours? We Do That!

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

Interactive high definition 360-degree office space virtual tours are becoming more popular in the commercial rental industry. They provide an invaluable service to prospective tenants who want to ensure that buildings are a good fit before scheduling time consuming in-person walk-through tours. Virtual tours make it possible to achieve this goal – especially for the company that is relocating from another city or state.

Advantages of Virtual Office Tours

An online brochure for an office building provides you with the basics. It discusses square footage options, amenities, parking spaces, and nearby shopping as well as dining opportunities. you can find the same information on almost every listing website. Although plenty of these informative listing website pages also feature images, they nevertheless still make it difficult to get a feel for the property. For example, a large office image that persuaded you to visit a location can turn out to be little more than the result of wide-angle photography.

Honest Office Space Virtual Tours Save You Time, Travel Expenses, and Disappointments

An honest virtual tour does not need to set a stage for the right effect.

  • No manipulation of the atmosphere. Photographers who want to appeal to professionals in search of bright spaces will shoot the images during daylight hours; those who want to emphasize elegance do so at night. We do it when our experts are available.
  • No models in a photo shoot. Typically, spaces should be without workers actively about their tasks. That said, sometimes it is unavoidable that people will appear in the images. However, they are not models who are paid to provide ambiance. They are just hard-working folks.
  • No touch-ups. Honest virtual tours show you the property the way it is. There is no touching up of brown lawns, no artificial elimination of water-stained ceilings, and no heavy editing of the shots.

The OfficeFinder office space virtual tours save you time, travel expenses, and the disappointment of finding out that a wide-angle shot or the use of a mirror, to add depth artificially or create the illusion of a second window and tricked you. You can see our office space virtual tours of executive suite and coworking spaces live at:

 Our listings that have a 360° tour are are identified with our 360 badge
360 Badge

If you are looking for an office and would like assistance or advice at no cost to your, Contact us. It is what we do and would be happy to help.




Looking at Exciting New Office Buildings? Listen to Your Employees.

New office buildingsWhile many in the tech industry are trending toward exciting new office buildings that feature open plans and plenty of shared space, a recent article from TechRepublic warns that employee needs must be a factor in the design. In particular, the article notes, private spaces, quiet places, and smaller meeting areas need to be included.

According to a 2014 study from The Center for the Built Environment, workers who have their own office tend to be happier and less likely to take sick days, the article stated. An additional new study from Oxford Economics and Plantronics, involving 1,200 global employees and executives, found that millennial employees in particular found it hard to concentrate on work in a noisy environment.

Study Results

The results of these studies suggest that, although the trendy new open office plans encourage collaboration, balance is best when it comes to worker satisfaction. How to reach that balance? Providing a mix of open and closed spaces is a start. Additionally, the article suggests, the type of materials used in the design can also lend themselves to the creation of good working conditions. Hard surfaces can be replaced with more sound absorbent ones — such as carpet. Barriers between desks can be lowered to enable employees to see and interact with one another in a quieter fashion. Quiet spaces where phone calls can be taken or smaller meeting rooms can help.

While an office space isn’t going to meet every need of every individual employee, the article states, design should allow for flexibility in order to meet as many needs as possible and maximize productivity.

Are you searching for office space in new office buildings? We can help you find a work environment that suits the needs of your company and your employees. Contact us today for more information.



Coworking Office Space: A Great Office Space Rental Alternative

Coworking Office Space

Seattle coworking office space at WeWork

If your company needs office space but isn’t big enough to justify getting its own long term space yet, coworking office space offers you a viable alternative. They are particularly popular with entrepreneurs and smaller, newer businesses. Companies in a coworking space work together in communal spaces, sometimes having dedicated, assigned areas, and other times grabbing spots at communal tables on a first come, first serve basis. Here are some pros and cons to coworking:

Coworking Office Space Pros:

  • Reduced costs. Renting a desk or spot at a table is much less expensive than getting your own office – particularly important in the early stage of a business when capital is more limited.
  • Amenities. Coworking office space generally aim to make themselves fun and appealing to businesses, and the amenities they offer are impressive. Most serve complimentary coffee and tea, and some even offer free beer. Many have after-hours classes and support services. Most also have features such as private meeting rooms, common rooms or rooftop decks, equipped with TVs, video games, and even Foosball tables.
  • Energizing social environment. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded companies, reducing the chances of the isolation a small team can feel. Along with making new friends, being in a social setting will energize and stimulate your creativity, making it easier to improve performance by generating ideas and make progress with your company objectives.
  • Flexibility. The terms for Coworking office space don’t require a long term commitment. As you business needs change, you can easily add or subtract space.

Coworking Office Space Cons:

  • Lack of privacy. Being with others is great, but sometimes it can be difficult to deal with the noise volume and energy common in these environments. That is why the private collaboration areas available in most coworking office space is so important. Make sure your team makes use of them periodically to combat this.
  • Concerns with trust. When working with so many companies in one space, there’s always the risk your next great idea will get stolen. Check with the coworking space to see if they have a policy about confidentiality.

We help companies find coworking spaces that fit with their businesses’ unique needs. Contact us to determine if coworking is right for your company, and to find the best space for you.

On our Local Seattle Page we have several 360° interactive panoramic virtual tours of cowork office space. It gives you an opportunity the visit them 24/7 form wherever you are instead of having to spend the time visiting ones that don’t fir your style. Here is one we recently completed of the WeWork coworking office space in Seattle at South Lake Union.

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Office Leasing Tip: Parking Options

office leasing parkingAs a business owner considering your office leasing options, you probably focus most strongly on the interior of the space you are thinking of leasing, but it’s very important to consider your parking options as well. This is especially true in heavily populated commercial areas, where street parking is at a premium and many buildings have less than adequate space available for employees and customers.

Parking is an office leasing lease term that can make or break your commitment to a particular building. You must ask questions and negotiate the terms that work best for you. Although commercial office buildings are required to provide adequate parking, many older building don’t offer enough and even newer buildings may not accommodate enough vehicles during peak use periods.

Find out if parking is open or reserved. Designated spots guarantee that you and your employees will have parking available at any time. Inquire about customer parking as well. Guaranteed employee parking doesn’t include spaces for your visitors, but if you don’t have many, this may not be an issue for you.

Test the parking situation. Before you begin to negotiate the parking terms in the lease, check out how the parking works during rush hour (are there enough spots?), how easy and quick it is to reach your office suite from the lot or garage, and how secure the parking area is at various times.

Make sure that parking terms are included in the lease. Don’t rely on oral agreements or assurances, and be sure the terms are clear and detailed. Don’t accept a “parking is included” statement; specify how many spots, how much, whether they are open or reserved, arrangements for visitor parking, etc.

For many companies, parking options can be as important as the offices themselves. When considering your office leasing options, be sure your needs are covered in the lease, and that they are spelled out to your satisfaction. We can help at no cost to you. Contact us for more information.

6 Reasons Renting Medical Office Space May be Better Than Buying

Medical office spaceFor many reasons, renting medical office space for your practice may be more practical and profitable than purchasing a building to house your practice. Both processes can be time-consuming and stressful, here are 6 reasons you may want to rent vs. buy medical office space for your practice.

  1. Lower Costs – If you can find an existing space with the layout you need for a medical practice, then less capital will be needed to convert the space to fit your needs.
  2. Landlord support – Renting medical office space often means that the landlord will provide some financial support to convert the property, particularly if your lease is long-term and they know that income will be generated for years to come. Maintenance and repairs are often negotiable as well.
  3. Speed-to-market – Renting vs. buying means that you will save time along with money because there will most likely be shorter construction times for upgrades than a full remodel.
  4. Cash flow – Renting eliminates the large cash expenditure required to purchase a building and frees capital to be used in other areas of your practice.You may be able to generate more income from your practice by investing the down payment you would have had to pay. Depending on your practice and the opportunities you have to invest, the return on investment may be higher than what you could achieve investing in purchasing you own medical office space.
  5. Flexibility – Should your practice expand and outgrow your current building, it is easier to move on to larger offices and visa versa.
  6. Time – as a medical practitioner, your workload is often full. Adding owner and property manager to your tasks can impact the time you devote to your practice.

Once you have made the decision to lease, you need an experienced professional to help you pick a prime location for your practice. Please contact us for more information on  medical office space.

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Benefits of Flexible Workplaces

Flexible WorkspacesThe idea of flexible workplaces began in the 1980s, when business centers developed. Regus, the worlds largest provider of flexible workplaces was founded in 1989. Overt time the idea of a flexible work environment has changed and expanded to allow for unique arrangements that now include coworking spaces, agile office space as well as many other options. Because there are so many good options available to businesses today, companies that aren’t interested in a traditional office can still get great space that works for them, their clients, and their budget.

For our purposes here, we will focus on the flexible workspace options for companies looking for smaller amounts of office space, whether small companies or branches of larger ones. For them, flexible workplaces provide the opportunity for  to have all the resources they need, but they will pay significantly less than they would with a more traditional office space. Much of that is related to the services, furniture and equipment that are included in the cost. These workplaces offer private and public space, copy machines, desks, conference rooms, and even a receptionist. They can allow very small companies to appear bigger and more established to prospective clients, without the significant costs associated with a long-term lease on a traditional office space and the hiring of more staff.

An additional benefit is in the length of lease terms required. Most traditional office space will require a 3 to 5 year lease commitment. Many of the flexible workplaces available are on annual renewal plans and many will even go on a month to month basis. This provides the flexibility of fast growing companies to move quickly to take advantage of business opportunities and obtain space as needed, without long term commitments.

Flexible workplaces are generally located in prime locations. Traditional office space in prime locations is usually extremely costly, and that can keep newer or smaller companies from being able to lease in their preferred area. With flexible options, companies can lease office space on a short-term agreement, move if it doesn’t work for them, and avoid being forced to locate their company in a sub-prime location due to costs and availability.

The number of flexible office and workplace options available throughout the world is on the rise, so companies have more options today than ever before. When you contact us, you’ll be taking the first step toward finding a flexible workplace that can help your company maximize its abilities, and its value to clients.

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Top 10 Metro Areas with Biggest Office Rental Rate Increases

REALTORS® office vacancy graph

REALTORS® office vacancy chart

In the second quarter of 2015, the Seattle metro area — which includes the urban areas in King and Snohomish counties — led the nation’s metro markets in in office rental rate annual increases. While Seattle’s office rental rate increases are high, they are not the only office market in the US seeing significant increases in their office rental rate increase.  Here are the remaining top 10 with the highest annual Office Rental Rate increases.

  1. Seattle 7.2%
  2. San Francisco 6.3%
  3. San Jose 5.9%
  4. Dallas 5%
  5. Boston 4.8%
  6. New York 4.8%
  7. Orange County 4.8%
  8. Miami 3.9%
  9. Austin 3.8%
  10. Philadelphia 3.7%
    Source: Reis via the Seattle Times

While these steep increases of the office rental rate for the top 10 markets are very sharp, thanks to declining supply, the rest of the office markets in the US are also seeing steady declines in the vacancy rates, as well. A recent report on office space rent by the National Association of REALTORS® confirmed that in the 2nd quarter of this year, office vacancies declined 65 basis points to 15.9 percent, compared with a year ago. This will lead to increases in the office rental rate generally throughout the US office markets.

For tenant’s this means it is better not to wait. Rents will be going up over at least the next year or two until more new construction comes on line. Even then, due to the cost of construction, rents will most likely not decline from the highs achieved. This is especially true in the more desirable office buildings in your market. So, don’t delay or you will see your office space costing even more than it does now.

If you would like some free assistance in locating office space, the top professionals at Office Finder are here to help. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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How to Avoid Mistakes When Leasing Office Space

leasing office spaceLeasing office space is a significant investment, and you want to make sure you make the best choices. You want a space that meets your needs and allows your company to grow. It needs to be a space in a location where your customers and employees can conduct business. Some choices are more important than others. There are ways to avoid mistakes when leasing office space. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not Enough Time

Make sure and allow enough time to complete the process. The last thing you want to have happen is to run out of time and have to compromise. Even if you are planning on renewing, get an early start. You never know what may change with your landlord that could result in the need to move. Check out our Office Leasing Process page to get a timeline.

Too Much or Not Enough Office Space

Trying to decide how much office space to rent can be challenging. You don’t want to pay for space you are not going to use, but you don’t want your employees working on top of each other. When choosing an office space to lease, you want to decide your needs before viewing properties. In many cases, it is prudent to add in a little space for your company to grow and add employees over the terms of the lease. Check out our Office Space Calculator and our Office Space Allocation Standards (How much office space per person).

Too Expensive

You already have a budget set, but it is easy to see a fabulous property and think you can swing a little more money each month. However, you might be able to or you might not. You need to consider the other types of expenses that might come up or things you might need to sacrifice to make the monthly payment. Instead of coming up with set amount for a monthly lease, you might consider coming up with a range of rents and then not go over the top amount.

Wrong Location

Everyone has had a good laugh when they see the pizza place next to the Weight Watchers meeting space. This is a good opportunity for the pizza shop but not for the dieters attending meetings. When selecting your office space, you need to pay special attention to the businesses in the area that you are considering leasing. You want them to complement your own business and avoid direct competition.

At OfficeFinder, we are dedicated to helping you find the best possible office space. Contact us today to learn more about things to consider before signing the lease or to schedule a showing.

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