Top 6 Amenities NYC Office Space Tenants Are Looking For

When you’re moving your business, it can be a good idea to try and find an office space that fits all of your needs. Different companies have different standards for their office space. However, today’s employees are looking for some extra amenities around their workspace to feel appreciated. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to work or one that offers plenty of social events and happy hours, there are plenty of amenities NYC office space tenants are looking for, so take a look at our list.

Meeting Rooms and Event Space

If you’re a landlord, you’ve likely been asked what your building offers in the way of meeting rooms and event space. A meeting room is a space where people can gather for an organized discussion or presentation. Event space refers to areas that are set aside for special events such as weddings, parties, and conferences. Both types of spaces are important to tenants because they can use them for meetings with clients or employees. More importantly, they can host events like team-building exercises and holiday parties. When considering amenities like these, tenants look at things like:

  • Number of rooms available
  • Size of each room
  • Condition of any equipment inside

Espresso Bar

Does your office have an espresso bar? If not, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to improve the quality of life for your employees. At the same time, not all tenants are looking for a place with an espresso bar, those that do consider it one of the top amenities they want.

It’s easy to attract new talent and keep current employees happy. By having a coffee shop in your building, employees will be able to see how much you care about creating a positive and creative work environment creative work environment. This can also help retain current staff who may be considering leaving for other reasons (such as pay or benefits).

Quiet Workspaces

Quiet workspaces are important for productivity. Some people need quiet to focus, while others don’t. Some people like to focus in a busy environment, while others prefer it loud and chaotic around them. Regardless of your needs, it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into before signing the lease on any office space.

If you need peace and quiet during work hours, you’ll have to do some research before deciding where you want to rent an office space in NYC. If you don’t require this type of environment, there are plenty of other amenities that can help increase productivity at workincrease productivity at work.

Internet Access and IT Support

When it comes to IT support, NYC office space tenants are looking for high-speed internet access and IT support for all devices, software applications, hardware, and operating systems. Clients are also looking for a company that will provide ongoing monitoring of the network infrastructure, including firewalls, antivirus software, and data backup services.

In addition to these core services, tenants expect their providers to offer proactive maintenance plans, so they don’t have to worry about security breaches or downtime at any point during the day. A good provider should also offer remote access tools that allow tenants to access their files from home or while traveling.

Pet-Friendly Company Policy

Whether it’s a cat, dog, or something else entirely, many people feel more comfortable when they bring their pets to work. However, not every company is pet-friendly. Some offices are in areas with strict laws about animals on the premises (such as hospitals), while others might have a policy against certain types of pets (like snakes). If you’re looking into an office space in New York City and want to bring Fido along with you to work each day, here’s what you need to know:

  • Before signing on for any office space, check their policies about pets first. Some companies allow pets – and some don’t. Make sure that there isn’t an outright ban on animals in the building before you commit yourself by signing a lease agreement.
  • Some companies allow certain types of animals only – and some don’t allow any at all. Be careful before bringing home anything unusual because they may not be able to stay around even though their owners love them dearly.

Social Events and Happy Hours

A happy hour is a great way to get to know your coworkers and build company culture. The NYC office space you work in should be a place where people feel comfortable going out with their colleagues and having fun. If you don’t have happy hours or regular social events, it can be hard for new employees to get close with other coworkers since they’re not around each other that much.

Happy hours are also great because they allow companies to show off their personality. This is usually achieved by hosting parties in unique locations throughout the city for everyone on staff to enjoy! You should find an NYC office space with plenty of amenities so that all of your employees are satisfied with what they have available in their building when working hard at their desks all day long.

Planning a commercial move to NYC

If you’re looking at moving into a new space, you should plan this process like a professional. You should find a new office location, calculate the moving costs and write down a list of packing supplies. When moving into new offices, there will be plenty of things to be taken care of. For things like packing, furniture, and appliance disassembling and relocation, professionals are the best choice professionals are the best choice. Commercial moves often require the transportation of heavy and valuable inventory. This is why hiring movers can make this process easier and way more time-efficient.


Moving to a NYC office space is a big deal, but there are so many things you can do to make it easier. We compiled this list with some of the most popular amenities that our clients look for when they’re looking for their next office space. If you’re looking at moving to a NYC office space with us, we hope these tips helped!

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